higher conversion rates with clear concise copy

How to Win High Conversion Rates With Clear Concise Copy

Want higher conversion rates on your landing page, space ads or emails? Imagine this: You’re driving down a typical road in your hometown. You come to an intersection. There’s a sign. It reads: “Momentarily Reduce Forward Momentum” You scratch your head, puzzled… and decide to slow down and come to a stop. Which is a…

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copywriting mistakes

3 Copywriting Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Copywriting mistakes kill sales. And that’s too bad. Because (I assume) you have a product or service that can really make someone’s life better. And maybe a whole lot of someones… So, what to do? Let’s start by looking at… Copywriting Mistake #1: Paralysis of Analysis This greatest of all copywriting mistakes is simple to…

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Fostering Community as a Way to Grow Your Business 5

How to Foster a Community For Your Business

Though it certainly has its advantages, one problem with being a marketing professional is every human activity you engage in goes under your “marketing microscope”. In other words, you’ll often find yourself in the middle of what, to most people looks like a crowd of people at a Farmers’ Market or shopping mall… But looks…

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commitment and consistency

The Persuasive Power of Commitment and Consistency

Not all sales funnels are obvious. Quick story about that: I used to run for fun and fitness. One year I even made it to the top 3% for my age group in a local 10k race we have here, called the Bolder Boulder. But then raising a family and starting a new business took…

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Ad Copy Test For Any Type of Advertisement

Want a simple ad copy test to know whether any type of advertisement you’re running will be successful? As I’m sure you know, in today’s world, we’re surrounded by “noise”. We get barraged every minute with messages of one kind or another… (Something like 4,000 per day, by one count) Emails, text alerts, Instant Messaging,…

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Branding Strategy 101: Create Real Value For Your Community

Branding strategy isn’t just about pretty colors and a cute tagline… Here’s one entrepreneur who gets that it’s about creating real value: Creating real value for your community is the ultimate branding strategy. Tiny L.A.-based startup Ring offer home security products. The started with a simple video doorbell, then video floodlights, outdoor stickup cams and…

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how to get clients

How to get clients — WITHOUT wasting a fortune on dumb ads…

If you have ever struggled with how to get clients… Or spent more on marketing than you got back in revenues… And if you don’t have a recognized name brand YET… Then solving the riddle of how to get clients is your job #1. But this is where most marketers go wrong… They start by…

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3 Video Scripting Templates to Make Your Marketing Videos Rock

Have you ever wished you could shoot awesome marketing videos, but weren’t sure what they should actually say? In this post, I’ll share with you 3 video scripting templates that could save you a ton of time, and save you having to pay an expensive copywriter. Here’s how… Content Video Scripting Template One of the…

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lead magnet ideas

How to Get Awesome Lead Magnet Ideas

Have you ever wanted to build a great list that you can market to without spending a fortune on advertising, but then you get stuck at coming up with ideas for a lead magnet to build that list? What I’d like to show you in this post is how to go from being stuck on…

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sales conversion rate boost using chat

The Secret to a High Sales Conversion Rate

Want a higher sales conversion rate in 2018 and beyond? Here’s what you need to know: Conversation is the New “Lead”. Do you get the feeling these days that “bots” are taking over? Let’s say you visit an apparel website and a chat “bot” asks if you have any questions… As a matter of fact…

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