How to Profit From Online Customer Reviews (The Lazy Man’s Guide)

  Did you know… “85% of consumers trust online customer reviews as much as personal recommendations” Want to increase sales by up to 10% or more over the next 12 months without having to go to a lot of extra expense or effort? Consider these stats: 49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating…

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headline hacks

5 Headline Hacks For Any Holiday Sale

 Here’s a transcript of the “5 Headline Hacks” video, in case you’d prefer to just read through it: I wanted to share with you five headline hacks that you can use for any holiday sale… And I’m going to show you an actual campaign that we’re running. These are five things that you can…

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How to Attract Customers With One Simple Content Strategy

In 1933, Proctor & Gamble hit on one simple content strategy that grew profits for the next three decades. What happened was, they wanted to reach more customers… Radio had just become a thing… And housewives — P&G’s best customers — were tuning in. So P&G introduced Ma Perkins, a serial radio drama, that became…

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Dan Kennedy Style “Shock and Awe Box” Contents Revealed

A “Shock and Awe Box”, as promoted by Dan Kennedy could give your business a serious sales boost. Here’s what you’ll find inside a really good one. Do you have a business that has a high average customer value? Well, what if I could show you a marketing strategy you can start implementing TODAY, that…

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Simple Copywriting Strategy Gets More Sales Without More Expense

This simple copywriting strategy could add 10% or more to your bottom line in the next 3-6 months. Today I want to talk to you about a conundrum we deal with in copywriting, selling and communicating in general… It’s an invisible wall between you and the people who you want to do business with you……

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top 10 copywriting books

Top 10 Copywriting Books – Classics of All Time You Don’t Want to Miss

Need a good summer read? Here’s a quick off-the-cuff list of my top 10 copywriting books. Actually, it’s fourteen. Several authors have written a pair of books too good to pick from, so you get both. They’re all classics, meaning they’ve stood the test of time. Which means they’ll serve you well for the rest…

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higher conversion rates with clear concise copy

How to Win High Conversion Rates With Clear Concise Copy

Want higher conversion rates on your landing page, space ads or emails? Imagine this: You’re driving down a typical road in your hometown. You come to an intersection. There’s a sign. It reads: “Momentarily Reduce Forward Momentum” You scratch your head, puzzled… and decide to slow down and come to a stop. Which is a…

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copywriting mistakes

3 Copywriting Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Copywriting mistakes kill sales. And that’s too bad. Because (I assume) you have a product or service that can really make someone’s life better. And maybe a whole lot of someones… So, what to do? Let’s start by looking at… Copywriting Mistake #1: Paralysis of Analysis This greatest of all copywriting mistakes is simple to…

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Fostering Community as a Way to Grow Your Business 5

How to Foster a Community For Your Business

Though it certainly has its advantages, one problem with being a marketing professional is every human activity you engage in goes under your “marketing microscope”. In other words, you’ll often find yourself in the middle of what, to most people looks like a crowd of people at a Farmers’ Market or shopping mall… But looks…

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commitment and consistency

The Persuasive Power of Commitment and Consistency

Not all sales funnels are obvious. Quick story about that: I used to run for fun and fitness. One year I even made it to the top 3% for my age group in a local 10k race we have here, called the Bolder Boulder. But then raising a family and starting a new business took…

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