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"Our mission at StrategiCopy is to help small and medium business owners create real wealth for their customers, their families and their communities with marketing and sales copy that connects them in a meaningful way with their target audiences."

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  • Results-Driven Copywriting and Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses
  • Attract, convert and build value in your ideal customer base
  • Help your customers understand the value that you provide
Brenda Schubach Kiehnau, Executive Director

“You said in one sentence what I’ve been trying to say for four years.  I was in tears.  Really.  Thank you SO much!

Brenda Schubach Kiehnau, Executive Director I am a Force4Good

"So, who in the heck is Mike Connolly and how can he
help us achieve our business vision?"

Before investing in copywriting services, it’s wise to make certain the marketing strategist and copywriter you hire can help you achieve a good return on your investments in all your marketing assets. From a six-figure selling career for Denver’s top building insulation contractor in the 80’s and 90’s to starting and running several successful small businesses, Mike Connolly learned what sales effectiveness can mean to your bottom line. You can waste thousands of dollars in lost opportunities due to a lack of training, tools and techniques in marketing and sales. Or you can leverage my experience in the craft of building and growing a small business that they just don’t teach you in business school.

To give you an example of how to determine if our businesses might be a fit, let’s say you’re interested in adding a video sales letter to your marketing funnel. As you can see at https://strategicopy.com/work-samples, among many other things, Mike has written over a half dozen video scripts, including one for Slaten Wealth. He's also written and helped produce several long form video sales letters, and written and produced a series of videos for Medigap Advisors.

If you were to visit Mike's "copy cave", you'd see an extensive collection of copywriting and direct response marketing books, tapes and CDs he's invested in, and continues to invest in every single day, including, among many others...

  • The Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter Program for Information Marketers
  • American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) Circle of Success
  • Professional Writer’s Alliance (PWA)
  • Infusionsoft Certified Partner
  • Digital Marketer Labs
  • Jon Benson’s (the creator of the original VSL) Video Sales Letter training and software program

You may be wondering “How can I get a better response from my email marketing or sales copy or direct mail – and still have time to run my business?”, “What’s the best way to launch my new product or service?” or “Where can I go to find new customers, clients or patients for my business?” These are great questions to ask, and here at StrategiCopy, we love tackling them.

But what’s your greatest sales challenge in the next three to six months? Explore the resources here at StrategiCopy.com and when you’re ready, let’s talk about how we can grow your business. Get a FREE Quote and Marketing Consultation and let’s take your business to the next level, where you want it to be. We look forward to connecting with you!

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