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How to Increase Your Profit Margins With Copy That Sells

Ready to write yourself a bigger pay check? As a business owner or marketing exec, you can do that in several ways. One of the best — both for your business — and for your customers — could be to simply raise your prices. If tight margins are causing you to skimp on service or…

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customer value optimization icons8-team-643412-unsplash

How to Easily Grow Your Average Customer Value

Customer value optimization is one of the most overlooked marketing strategies. It’s an opportunity that far too many businesses are missing — and they don’t even know it. Not focusing on customer value is a mistake that’s critical to avoid because it can really impact your sales, and your advertising costs in a big way.…

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Marketing Message vs Media

One mistake a lot of businesses make is mixing up marketing message with media. They think media before message. Here’s the problem, the internet is a real handy thing. And a lot of people these days think it’s really the only media. Don’t get me wrong. You absolutely need to be on the web. Your…

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Sales Page Popups – Are They Real?

 Hey, you’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers. Someone asked me recently, a prospective client — was wondering about this particular webpage. So you can see, we’ve got a sales page here, long form copy. Got a video in the middle of it, selling one product, which is always a good way to sell…

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What is StrategiCopy?

You may be wondering, just what is “StrategiCopy”? Great question! So, is it really a “thing”, or just some made-up term? Well, actually, it’s both… But to clarify, let’s break it down a bit. First… What is “strategy”? According to a definition by Google, it’s… “a plan of action… designed to achieve a major or…

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How to Make Sure Your Homepage Makes a Good First Impression

Is your homepage turning visitors into clients — or just turning them away? With the right messaging, your homepage conversion rates could double, triple — even 10x or more. Here’s how to make sure your homepage is doing a great job for you 24/7! Hey, it’s Mike Connolly here with a 3-minute marketing tip for…

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Two Copywriting Blunders to Avoid

Did you ever just have one of those days when you realized that, man — “they” just won, and you fricking LOST the point, match or even the whole game? I don’t know about you, but I HATE to lose. Anything. So as I was heading over to the gym the other day, I had…

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AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp 2018 Success Panel

7 Epic Copywriting Tips From AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp 2018

You want copywriting tips? Well, you’re in the right place, my friend! But first, a little context, so you know this stuff’s the “real deal”. In October, 2018, I was honored to serve on the “Success Panel” at the American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) Bootcamp in Delray Beach, Florida. It was great seeing friends…

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key performance indicators annie-spratt-723013-unsplash

Key Performance Indicators: The Numbers That Count

A puzzled look crossed her face. The young lady looking at me aspired to be a freelance digital media designer. We were talking about the freelancing life, and I’d just recounted a few things I was working on… She asked, “Well, how do balance it all?” I had to laugh. Balance? BALANCE!??? You’ve got to…

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headlines that sell sydney-rae-408416-unsplash

How to Write Headlines That Sell – Without Struggling For Hours

Have you ever struggled with how to write headlines that sell the rest of your message? Or ever agonized over whether a headline you just wrote is worth sending traffic to? What to say in your headline? Ever had writer’s block, or needed to come up with a good idea and/or inspiration in a hurry?…

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