The Scandalous Connection Between a Good Copy Review and Great Sex

Okay, so that was a terrible headline… But it did get your attention, right?

Actually, the real question you’re wrestling with is…

“Will this piece of copy will get clicks… Or just crickets?”

Maybe you’ve been plagued by that nagging doubt just before hitting “Publish” or “Send”…copy critique

You invest a lot of time and money in your marketing.  And sometimes you only get one shot.  You want to make sure you’re gonna’ get the most bang for your buck you can.  But how do you know it will sell?

Hi, Mike Connolly here, and trust me, I get it.  Like you, I run and partner in several businesses and it’s a big deal when a promotion goes out the door.  You want sales, you want long term clients and you don’t have a lot of time and money to waste.

As a professional copywriter, I’m constantly looking for ways to get better results for my clients and my own promotions.  You may not have the time to dedicate over an hour a day to honing that craft that I am committed to.  My daily schedule consists not only of writing and improving promotions, it also includes constant learning, by reading and emulating the masters from books, audio and video programs and course work, both at home and at various conferences and seminars around the world.

It’s a big commitment, and I invest tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours every year getting better at this

If you have a piece of copy that must perform well, yet you’re just not sure it’s up to the task, let me help you.  You can get my thorough review and commentary of your marketing piece before it goes out the door.  What kind of a difference could this make?

Little Hinges Swing Big Doors

Did you know that by changing just one word, in fact just one letter in a headline, an advertiser got a 600% increase in sales?  Just imagine what that translated into in terms of wealth created for themselves as well as their clients.  (If you’re curious, contact me and I’ll share it with you what it was.)

What I can do for you is critique your work.  Here’s what you get:

  • A video review including transcript of your piece. You’ll have an easy to understand, permanent recording you and your marketing team can refer to again and again.
  • Specific copy recommendations for parts that could be stronger, such as the headline, lead, benefits, offer, Call-To-Action, etc. Not only will you avoid making the mistakes that most of your competitors are making, you’ll get ideas to help your brand stand head and shoulders above everyone else in your market.
  • An over-the-phone review where you can ask questions. Imagine having an experienced professional ad writer answering your most burning questions about how to write copy that will turn your prospects and leads into buyers and lifelong evangelists for your brand!
  • Resources and reference materials as needed to help you become a better copywriter and marketer. Get in on the “Jedi Secrets” of the world’s top direct response copywriters — And, tweak your piece for maximum profits.

The value for just one promotion could be worth thousands of dollars when you add up the sales you make that would not have happened with copy that just doesn’t cut it.

“What’s my investment?”

Assuming you have a valuable product or service to offer at a profit to yourself or your company, when you look at what it’s worth, you would pay a copywriter hundreds if not thousands to do the job for you.  And the ROI would be worth it.

However, for a limited time, before I get too busy to take these on any more, you can take advantage of my “Copy Critique” of your marketing piece for just $495 for up to 3 pages of 12 point double spaced content.

When you do, you’ll receive instructions by email on how to submit your copy and schedule our phone or web conference consultation on your copy.

These will only be available on a limited basis time permitting.  To get started, click here.

I look forward to working with you.

Mike Connolly
“Copy Jedi” and Business Strategist

P.S.  Time, as you and I both know, is precious.  And a marketing campaign is a terrible thing to waste.  Why risk it on lame copy?  Ditch the disappointing results and let’s get you copy that sellsClick the button below to get started.


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