Social media content can make or break your online presence.

And if you’re not cashing in on the bonanza of traffic on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s not too late to get a jump on your competitors.

So how can you do this? And what are the main benefits of using high quality social media content to grow your business?



There are seven ways a well-run social media campaign with high quality content can benefit your business:

1. Good social media content enhances trust…

Your social media followers or browsers are in an environment that they are comfortable in. It’s the very best place for you to place your brand and have them take notice.

2. Boosts brand recognition for your business…

It is said of traditional advertising that a potential customer has to see your advertisement seven times before taking any action. This is your opportunity to get your brand under their noses without being pushy.

3. Keeps you ahead of competitors…

Do your competitors use social media? Most of your competitors will probably not be doing a good job of embracing social media, so this is your chance to race ahead. If they are engaging well in the social networks then you must get involved or you risk being left behind and losing your audience to your competition.

4. Grows Your Marketing Power…

Your potential customers or clients are engaging in social media personally, whether you like it or not. When they visit a website they expect to find a social media presence and may judge you if there isn’t one – or worse if they find one that hasn’t been updated for weeks or months.

You don’t need followers, as our business profilers will include relevant hashtags that will get your brand into relevant conversations. However, as your followers increase your marketing power increases. Initially the increased conversion rate on your website, your hashtagged tweets and the potential for your social media campaign to appear in Google results are all that you are interested in.

Over time you’ll also gain a loyal following, who you can market to at any time – at zero additional cost! The more followers you have – the more people want to join in and get involved. It’s the “crowd effect” – people always want to see what the crowd is interested in, and they join the crowd.

5. Lends credibility…

When people see you have a busy social network with hints and trivia relating to your chosen business field they will automatically associate it with authority. Your business will be seen as having increased credibility and specialist knowledge which, in turn, will also increase your sales conversion rates.

6. Drives traffic to your website…

Google has placed more and more importance on what are commonly referred to as “social signals”. Nobody knows Google’s exact algorithm but it certainly includes social campaigns in the mix. You need to be actively engaged in social media to get any of that benefit. You should also think about getting your Twitter feed embedded into the homepage of your website. This constantly changing text is just the type of thing that pushes Google’s buttons. We’ve seen a huge increase in Google crawling rates once a feed is embedded which will help your SEO team push your website up the rankings.

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Even without followers, the targeted use of hashtags should get your brand out into conversations that are relevant. This should start driving extra traffic (visitors) to your website. As your number of followers grows you’ll start getting even more exposure for your brand and your traffic will grow further still. Because Google is taking more notice of “Social Signals” you could find you are getting more traffic directly from Google too. Don’t forget that Facebook Pages and Twitter feeds are now appearing in Google’s search results.

And, as your social media campaign grows and matures you will get more and more visitors.

7. And delivers a solid return on investment.

You should be able to track the improvement in website visitors to sales ratio and see it increase as well as seeing more visitors over time directly from your social media accounts. Google is now returning social media results in its search results and Twitter and Facebook have literally hundreds of millions of users. You can get access to this market for a tiny monthly investment, when compared to other marketing channels.

So, there you have it – seven reasons you really can’t afford to skimp on social media content.

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Mike Connolly
Mike Connolly

Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Mike Connolly lives in Boulder, Colorado, builds marketing funnels that rock, and loves cycling (almost) all year round.