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3 Helpful Landing Page Ideas to Boost Your Revenue This Year

In the online world, your landing page is like the front door to your store. If customers don’t cross that threshold, you don’t make sales. And if you don’t make sales, soon you’re out of business. So how can you entice online customers to enter? Here are some landing page ideas that will get more…

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email open rate secret

Email Open Rate Secret Revealed

If your email open rates are down in the dumps, you’re probably not getting many clicks. No clicks, no sales. No sales, well… bummer. What to do? Well, there’s an easy way to fix all that… If you like high email open rates, you’ll love this little hack. It’s the old “emoji-in-the-subject-line” trick. You may…

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The Truth About Headlines: How To Know If It Sells Or Not (Copywriting Tip #001)

The copywriting tip you are about to read could be one of the most impactful marketing ideas you will ever consider. Why? Well, it’s about headlines (aka email subject lines, video openers, special report, article, advertorial, blog post titles, etc.) That’s where you get most of the leverage in your marketing… Ergo your business, ergo your…

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David Ogilvy On Direct Response : “We Sell Or Else”

David Ogilvy wished he could be here with us now… Fortunately for us, we can benefit from his thinking and example as a great direct response marketer: “Direct response was my first love and later it became my secret weapon…. When I started Ogilvy & Mather in New York, nobody had heard of us. But…

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7 sales page secrets

7 Simple Yet Powerful Sales Page Tips To Boost Sales

Sales Page conversion rates can make or break your digital marketing campaign. What if you could bump your rate from just one to two percent? That’s a 100% increase in sales. And all of a sudden, your ROI could go from negative to positive, making it worthwhile to scale up your campaign. In the following…

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Social Media Content: 7 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Skimp

Social media content can make or break your online presence. And if you’re not cashing in on the bonanza of traffic on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s not too late to get a jump on your competitors. So how can you do this? And what are the main benefits of using high quality…

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Deep Inner Game revealed by Tom Brady

Deep Inner Game Revealed?

So how do you come back from 21-0 as the New England Patriots did in Super Bowl LI? It’s all about the deep inner game… Ask Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and he may credit a single book with his ability to stay “in the game” under that kind of pressure. That book is called The…

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Nancy Chin-Wagner PowerConnectors 170126

Mike Connolly’s 9 Commandments Of Internet Marketing

“THE 9 COMMANDMENTS OF INTERNET MARKETING” How To Turn Your Website Into A 24/7 Selling Machine (Without Paying A King’s Ransom To Your Developer) If your business depends at all on the internet… WHAT HAS YOUR WEBSITE DONE FOR YOU LATELY? Billions of dollars are being made on the internet every year by small businesses…

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unique branding, your unfair advantage

Unique Branding, Your “Unfair Advantage”

If you’d like to harness the power of unique branding for your business… Without spending a fortune on logos, typography, page design, “mood boards” and a bunch of other expensive and unnecessary stuff… Then, unless you have a huge war chest full of cash, or unlimited funds to play with, you must first make a…

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internet copywriting workshop

Ad Copy Workshop In Boulder CO

You don’t need to be a genius to write ad copy that sells. You just need three things to create ad copy that puts cash in your pocket: A few simple, proven guidelines An internet connection The patience to fail until you get it right More on this in a moment, but first a shameless…

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