Generate More Leads and Sales

How to Get Your Lead Generating Article Published

Start with a list Build a relationship Send in great work Monitor and follow up. See what happens. Check your results. Rinse and repeat. In this post, you’ll learn an article marketing strategy that could generate an ongoing stream of passive lead flow — with virtually zero ongoing ad spend. Now, if you’re at all…

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reputation management seo - two best friend girls whispering a secret

How to Build a Great Reputation — Online and Off

What is “Reputation Management SEO”, and how can it help you grow your business? Read on to learn how Google rewards you for a good online reputation. “He’s THE Go-To Guy…” First, a quick personal story to illustrate how reputation works in the “real world”… Do you have a special activity that’s pretty much pure…

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Copywriting Secret - Woman pulling with effort big crumpled ball of paper

How to Write Sales Copy That Rocks Every Time (A Gary Halbert Hack)

This copywriting tip could save you hours of time — and make your copy serious kick butt. Here’s the deal: I never met copywriting legend Gary Halbert, I’m sorry to say. But lucky for me, my friend and copywriting mentor the great David Deutsch did get to hang out with Gary quite a bit back…

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How to Get Frisky With Your Ad Copy

Get frisky with your ad copy? What?? Let me explain… Virgin Air rival British Airways was having a little problem one day. A company they sponsored couldn’t erect the giant ferris wheel they’d built. When the story broke on national news, Virgin Air founder Sir Richard Branson had an idea… He ordered an ad blimp…

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Top 10 Email Subject Lines — Top 10 in Concept Metal Letterpress Type

Our 10 Best Email Subject Lines of 2018

10 Ways to Get More Opens Email subject lines can be tricky. One false move and you cut your open rates in half. And you know that brilliant message inside that you sweated blood to perfect? The folks you most want to see it probably never will. Subject lines deserve serious attention. That’s why I’ve…

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website chatbot

How to Get The Most From Your Website Chatbot

Meet your new sales rep: a Website Chatbot, no less… “A bot???”, you say… Well, you may have noticed bots creeping into the world of websites. So, is there a bot in your website’s future? And more to the point, could it help you grow sales? Here’s a quick guide to getting the most from…

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Follow-Up Automation

Fortune in the Follow-Up

There’s a bar scene in the movie A Beautiful Mind where the young John Nash is getting clear signals from an attractive young lady that she is VERY interested in him… Not one to mince words or waste time with social formalities, he walks over to her, looks her straight in the eye and invites…

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raising your prices and delivering a "wow!" experience

How to Increase Your Profit Margins With Copy That Sells

Ready to write yourself a bigger pay check? As a business owner or marketing exec, you can do that in several ways. One of the best — both for your business — and for your customers — could be to simply raise your prices. If tight margins are causing you to skimp on service or…

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customer value optimization icons8-team-643412-unsplash

How to Easily Grow Your Average Customer Value

Customer value optimization is one of the most overlooked marketing strategies. It’s an opportunity that far too many businesses are missing — and they don’t even know it. Not focusing on customer value is a mistake that’s critical to avoid because it can really impact your sales, and your advertising costs in a big way.…

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clear marketing message david-travis-548920-unsplash

Marketing Message vs Media

One mistake a lot of businesses make is mixing up marketing message with media. They think media before message. Here’s the problem, the internet is a real handy thing. And a lot of people these days think it’s really the only media. Don’t get me wrong. You absolutely need to be on the web. Your…

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