Simple 3 Word Phrase - So You Can...

How to Boost Your Sales With a Simple 3-Word Phrase

A puzzled prospect will not buy. If you’d like to grow sales and increase your average customer value, you’ll want to read this. It’s about an opportunity that too many businesses miss out on. And all it requires is to utter a simple 3-word phrase. First, a quick story to illustrate… I recently had an…

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Create MORE Content In LESS Time

How to Create MORE Content in LESS Time

Okay. So today I’m going to give you a time-saving trick for any content that you’ve got to create. Listen here: And before I do, let me just tell you, this is something that I wondered about for years. I saw guys like Dan Kennedy other guys like that and how much content they could…

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3 Marketing Tips From GKIC Growth Summit 2019

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Attract Ideal Customers to Your Business — 5 Stars

How To Attract Your Ideal Customers

My classmates in 6th grade thought I was a total dork. I’m pretty sure about that. My family had just moved from the city (Philly, to be exact) out to “the burbs”. And I was now adjusting to “public school”, having spent my entire educational career before that in a Catholic school. So in Catholic…

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7 Powerful Truths I Learned From The Great Dan Kennedy

A Personal Thanks to Dan Kennedy for Truths Revealed Dear Dan, I hope you’ll accept my deepest and most profound thanks for the example you’ve set in your life, and how it’s benefited me along with so many others I like to think and hope I’ve helped out in turn. Okay, so with that out…

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Freelance Copywriter Mike Connolly With Dan Kennedy's Dean Martin Rolls Royce 600 x 300 Hi Res

How to Be Paid Well as a Freelance Copywriter: 3 Tips From Dan Kennedy

I recently invested in two days with Dan Kennedy, learning about the business side of being a highly paid freelance copywriter. In case you’re a stranger to “Planet Dan”, he’s known for his direct response copywriting and “millionaire-making” marketing strategies for small business. He’s also one of the highest paid copywriters, earning seven figures consistently…

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write faster image of writer sitting on analog clock by kevin-ku-392517-unsplash

How to Write Faster: 40 Time-Saving Tips to Speed Up Your Writing

You’re under the gun to hit publish on that blog post, but it feels like you’ve got miles to go. So, after swearing you’ll never commit to a deadline like this ever again… You push back your chair, let out a deep sigh, and think to yourself, “Gee, I wish I knew how to write…

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Generate More Leads and Sales

How to Get Your Lead Generating Article Published

Start with a list Build a relationship Send in great work Monitor and follow up. See what happens. Check your results. Rinse and repeat. In this post, you’ll learn an article marketing strategy that could generate an ongoing stream of passive lead flow — with virtually zero ongoing ad spend. Now, if you’re at all…

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reputation management seo - two best friend girls whispering a secret

How to Build a Great Reputation — Online and Off

What is “Reputation Management SEO”, and how can it help you grow your business? Read on to learn how Google rewards you for a good online reputation. “He’s THE Go-To Guy…” First, a quick personal story to illustrate how reputation works in the “real world”… Do you have a special activity that’s pretty much pure…

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Copywriting Secret - Woman pulling with effort big crumpled ball of paper

How to Write Sales Copy That Rocks Every Time (A Gary Halbert Hack)

This copywriting tip could save you hours of time — and make your copy serious kick butt. Here’s the deal: I never met copywriting legend Gary Halbert, I’m sorry to say. But lucky for me, my friend and copywriting mentor the great David Deutsch did get to hang out with Gary quite a bit back…

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