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Let’s talk about how to leverage social media to get free traffic, build an audience and “pre-sell” prospects on your offers.

The other source of free or almost free traffic (depending on how much you do yourself and how much you hire out) you can easily get today is from social media.

You’ve probably heard a million things about how to use social media to grow your business

Now I’m not going to tell you absolute end-all strategy that’s going to make your business a smashing success like Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone or any of the other social media rock stars that you’ve probably heard of.

What I can tell you is a few things that I’ve used that have brought in some business and I think will continue to drink business.

So, I’m going to give you 3 simple (but powerful) tips…

The first one is something I learned from a couple of my mentors including the great Dan Kennedy.

Dan talks about having the ability to be to be seen and heard by your dream clients no matter where they look.

They can turn 360 degrees and no matter where they look, there you are.

They could be reading an article, listening to a podcast, seeing you on YouTube all without searching for you.

Or maybe they’re deliberately searching for you to find out more information about you because they’re considering doing business with you…

In both scenarios, it pays to be “omnipresent”.

It gives you an attraction system that brings in the kind of prospects that you are most interested in working with.

And you do that by thinking through what their pain points are and how you can take them from that place of pain or frustration or desire to make a change in their lives or their business to the place where they have a happy ending.

Then you identify two or three key ideas or concepts or strategies that you can share with these folks again and again so that they begin to think of you as the go-to person to solve that pain point.

For instance, let’s say your specialty is camping gear and you’re able to advise people on the very best type of tent to have for a really a great camping trip.

Well, when people are trying to make a decision about buying a tent or when they’re trying to figure out their next adventure and what kind of tent to take with them, you’re the one they think about.

You’re the tent guy.

That’s the type of content that you want to be creating so that your dream client thinks of you as their go-to person for that solution.

It’s a way of creating demand and attracting exact type of person that you want into your business.

So there you have Way #1 — staking your claim.

It really is a matter of just providing solutions for your dream client in the way that you’re best able to provide them.

The second strategy for leveraging social media to successfully grow your business is really very simple.

It’s simply being consistent.

People want to be able to hear from you on a regular basis.

They want to know they’re going to be able to count on you for information and guidance no matter what’s happening in their world, or the world at large.

It’s kind of like in the old days…

You may or may not have done this or remember it, but you would sit down in the morning for a cup of coffee, and you get out the newspaper.

It was this thing people did long ago in the age of dinosaurs…

I remember reading the Wall Street Journal at the beginning of the day.

Maybe now you read The Hustle, or some other email newsletter to begin your day.

When people are able to count on you on a consistent basis, then you really become a part of their world.

They depend on you.

And that’s good for business because it means when they have a problem, they’ll come to you since they’re already familiar with you.

They already know you, and chances are they like you and they respect your ability to help them with whatever problems or challenges they’re facing.

And that’s #2 — consistency.

The third thing is repurposing.

This addresses a problem you may have with the whole idea of social media.

You’re already way too busy…

So (you say) how in the heck are you supposed to find the time to create content and disperse it across all the media that’s available today?

And it’s not getting any less…

It seems like there’s a hot new channel nearly every other week.

As I write this, Clubhouse is breaking onto the scene…

TickTok has been around for all a few months and there’s sure to be more to come along…

So one question is, where do you put your content?

And of course, the answer is, wherever your dream client hangs out.

But the more pressing question is how in the heck do you find the time to get enough of it out there so that you can have that content on a 360-degree, omnipresent basis as we were talking about earlier and still at the time to have your own day, to be able to actually engage in your business and, well…

Have a life???

The answer to that is through simply repurposing the existing content you’ve got.

I’ll give you an example…

This email started out as a podcast which the then got transcribed and turned into a blog post…

Which then morphed into this newsletter you’re reading right now.

Once you get really cranking, you can turn your blog post or email into a video with a tool like Vidnami

And then snippets from all of that can be turned into social media updates and more.

So, you can see that there was one essential nugget of content that was spread across four or five different media.

And of course, that’s just the beginning if you consider that social media posts and updates can go to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…

The list goes on and on and before you’re done, you could easily have a dozen or more different media where you can be posting this content to simply by recycling one key idea.

Way #3: Repurpose

Take the content you’re consistently creating to stake your claim and simply repurpose (recycle) it everywhere.

See how it all fits together?

We’re staking out our claim with targeted omnipresent content and being there 360 degrees for our dream client, and repurposing it all so it’s not taking over your life.

That way, you’ve got the ability to get it all done without stressing or straining too much.

One last tip: Get help.

It’s not that hard to find somebody who can do the technical work of dispersing your content across the various media.

Well, there you go, I hope you’ve enjoyed this and found it helpful.

Got a question or something else you’d like to learn about?

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Mike Connolly
Mike Connolly

Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Mike Connolly lives in Boulder, Colorado, builds marketing funnels that rock, and loves cycling (almost) all year round.