Landing Page Ideas - Come In, We're Open

In the online world, your landing page is like the front door to your store. If customers don’t cross that threshold, you don’t make sales. And if you don’t make sales, soon you’re out of business.

So how can you entice online customers to enter?

Here are some landing page ideas that will get more people crossing that threshold. So instead of them disappearing from your website forever, they take that first step. When they do that more often, and you show them how you can benefit them with your products and services, your sales grow naturally.

One of the reasons that I like having a really effective landing page is that instead of driving a lot of traffic to the website and spending all this time and money trying to get people to the website, and then having them just leave is that I get people who will actually get involved and I can follow up with them by email and that is really what grows a business, because people don’t necessarily want to buy what you have right now.

Timing is key

Timing is often not right for them or they don’t have all their questions answered yet, and people go to a landing page and then go away very quickly unless you’ve got some way to start engaging them in the process so that when the time is right, they have all their questions answered that they will then become a customer.

I’ve had landing pages that just didn’t do a darn thing.

They just sat there, and I could see there was traffic. People were going there, but nothing was happening when they arrived. It was really frustrating. I’d wasted a lot of time building it and sending traffic to it, but all you could hear crickets. If you do business online, that’s not a whole lot of fun, trust me.

So I studied different landing page ideas, and how to create a landing page that people feel like opting in for, and that’s what I want to share with you in this blog post.

We’ll look at three landing page ideas to help you boost your revenues

Landing Page Idea #1

One of the first landing page ideas I want to share with you is to make your headline tantalizing. What I mean by that is you take a different point of view than just saying, “Hey, we are wonderful, and you should buy from us.” What you wanna do is say, “I understand you have this problem, or this need, or this desire, and here’s just a little tidbit that will help you solve that problem, go from where you are now to where you want to be.” In other words, put the headline into your ideal customers’ point of view, and solve that problem, some problem for them that they can quickly and easily find an answer to with something that you offer on your landing page, which I’ll get to in a minute here…

Then also keep your headline really brief. People online do not linger. They are in and out so quick. You got to have the message come across very quickly. If you can get that headline down to six words or so, then that will strip out all the fluff that they really aren’t interested in and it might just hook them on something that you’ve identified is a real need that you could solve for them.

Two ways to write a good headline

There’s a couple of ways to do that. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to create several headlines. don’t hesitate to create a bunch of them until you find something that works. When you do,  say it out loud, see how it sounds to you. Have somebody else read it to you or just speak it out loud to you so that you can hear what it sounds like. Then there’s some websites that I really like that can help you determine if it’s a really effective one. There’s one from CoSchedule that is particularly good. Also the American Marketing Institute has one.

The thing to keep in mind is these are just websites. They’re just computer algorithms. They’re not human beings, so you got to use your own judgment. But they do help you gauge whether what you’ve written is likely to be effective based on some of the data that’s out there and experience that has gone into those computer algorithms. Those are some ways to check your content. Or check your headline once you’ve actually come up with one or two or three that you feel could work.

That’s the first idea then: Really tweak your headline and make it as tantalizing and brief as you can so people can immediately identify with it and they want to take the next step into your landing page and say, “Okay. This is for me. What else you got here?”

Landing Page Idea #2

The second idea for your landing page is to make your copy scannable. What I mean by that is people are not really reading online. They scan and we all do. It’s just part of the media is that you need to make your content, your message easily consumed in that split second. Some of the ways that we can do that is you can create a bulleted list where you can quickly grasp the idea of each bullet and then just zoom down that list very quickly.

People will consume your content that way. If you put in a great big block of text, it’s just going to scare people away. They won’t read it. It just looks like reading a textbook in high school or something, not really something that they feel like they can do, especially when they’ve got gazillion other options online.

Make your copy in your landing page “scannable”. Make it easy to scan so people can absorb your idea very, very quickly and then they’ll want to take the next step with you. One way to do that is with bullets. Another is just to keep your sentences very, very short, keep your words down to one or two syllables wherever you can and just cut out everything that you don’t need. A really good website that I like to help with that is There are others out there, but I especially like this one.

Readability Test

One of the key things that you do want to do with your copy anytime you’re putting it online is to run a readability score. Anything above a grade 7.5 is too complicated. People probably won’t read it unless you’re in an extremely technical field. Use that site to check once you’ve got your, let’s say, your bulleted list or one or two sentences on your landing page, which is typically all you need.

Although some landing pages do have longer content. But even if it’s longer content, you want to make sure that it’s very, very scannable and then use that FK score or readability score to check your content that you’re going to put on the landing page. Make sure that it’s very, very easily readable. That’s your second idea is make your copy scannable.

Landing Page Idea #3

Then your third landing page idea, actually I think this is probably the biggest one, is to, whatever it is that you’re offering on that page, make it completely irresistible so that it just … Somebody looks at it and they say, “Man, I’d be a moron not to take this offer.” It’s actually probably the most important part of your whole landing page is what is it that you’re offering?

To be able to do that what you want to do to start is again look at your ideal customers’ situation and consider what they would like to do or where they are now, where they would like to be and some way that you can give them at least a partial answer to that that they can take advantage of very, very quickly, something that they could do in five minutes or less that would enable them to get from where they are now to where they want to be or at least a little bit closer.

Types of Offers

There’s a lot of things you can do: a resource list, a five minute guide, a one minute video, sometimes webinars are good and a whole list of things, which I’ll include here as far as the media. But the key thing is again just consider from your ideal customers’ perspective what does their day look like? What is it that you could offer them that would instantly make their day better? It’s tempting to give them the whole thing, solve their whole problem.

Let’s say you have a chiropractic practice and you help people get over back pain. That could take months of therapy. That’s not really something that’s going to fly on a landing page.

What you want for your offer is a quick fix. It might be the one thing that could be causing your back pain that you can stop doing today, something along those lines, or maybe three ways to feel better and have a more flexible back. Something like that that they can easily consume and take advantage of to make their situation better, make their day better in five minutes or less. That’s the ideal scenario.

That’s really the key thing I think is having an offer on your landing page that is just so compelling that it really just becomes an IQ test. How could you possibly turn this down? Work to make your offer like that.

Sure-Fire Test

A good way to test that is run it by a friend or ideally somebody who’s like your perfect customer or client and see what their response is.

If they say, “Oh, yeah. That’s interesting.” Or, they say, “That’s good. That’s a good idea.” You’re not really making it irresistible. The way that you can tell that is irresistible is if when you run it by them, they say, “Wow, that sounds great. How can I get that?” That’s the response you want ideally and that’s a good way to test.

The third landing page idea then is to make your offer absolutely irresistible.

So, those are three landing page ideas that can boost your revenues this year.

They’ll get you more opt-ins which then you can follow up on and turn those visitors into customers. And that will boost your revenue this year. Because really there’s no point in having a landing page if people aren’t opting in. No point having a front door on your store if people don’t walk in and look at your merchandise.

Was this helpful?

Use these landing page ideas to boost your revenues and let me know how they work for you. If you want to really drill down and get a “fresh eyes” and professional perspective and a really customized set of landing page ideas, take advantage of our Pro Copy Critique.

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Mike Connolly
Mike Connolly

Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Mike Connolly lives in Boulder, Colorado, builds marketing funnels that rock, and loves cycling (almost) all year round.