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Is your homepage content turning visitors into clients — or just turning them away?

With the right messaging, your homepage conversion rates could double, triple — even 10x or more.

Here’s how to make sure your homepage is doing a great job for you 24/7:

An edited transcription follows:

Hey, it’s Mike Connolly here with a 3-minute marketing tip for you.

I discovered something yesterday that I thought you might find very interesting. It’s about the home page on your website. Well, maybe not your website necessarily, but the homepages in general.

And it’s this: You’ve probably heard this thing going around about you’ve got all of seven seconds to get somebody’s interest once they hit your homepage, or any other web page for that matter, before they just disappear.

As it turns out, that seven second rule is even grossly overstating the case.

A First Impression in the Blink of an Eye

According to the digital marketing experts at CXL, it takes less than five hundredths of a second for somebody to form an impression of your homepage.

And if they don’t find something there that they like… And whether it’s either a good or bad impression, you’re either going to win or lose that visitor.

So it’s so critical, especially today with the level of competition that’s out there and the value of the customer to you for your business, your revenues, and the impact you can have in the world, that you create a really strong impression right away with that homepage.

Because the fact is, you may not make sales on your homepage, but a homepage certainly can kill sales for you if it’s not done just right. When a visitor lands on your homepage, it’s got to answer three questions that your visitor is asking.

  1. They’re wondering, okay, who is this for?
  2. The second question they’re wondering is how is this going to make my life better?
  3. The third question is, what do I do next to solve the problem I came here to solve?

If your homepage doesn’t answer those three questions very, very quickly, then chances are you’re losing a lot of business that could otherwise be yours.

Be Strategic: What’s Your Desired End Result?

Before you begin tweaking your homepage, ask yourself, “What’s my goal here?”

What do I want people to know about this website?

Who do I want to attract — and who do I want to repel?

What value can I offer them? How can I keep them engaged by answering their questions and solving problems for them?

And finally, what do I want them to do next? And why should they — What’s in it for them?

Remember, your homepage isn’t a static endpoint. It serves as a gateway to next steps for your soon-to-be customers.

Let Conversion Rates Rule

Unfortunately, as business owners we’re all too often too stuck in the forest to see the trees. Or vice versa. We’re too deep into the trees to see the forest. So you may need a pair of fresh eyes to look at that homepage.

If you’d like to have a fresh pair of eyes look at your homepage, click here to request a complimentary Homepage Content Consultation. You’ll learn more about how to get great results specifically for your homepage, so you can grow your revenues, and grow your business.

And check out our homepage.

Because, you know what? That page isn’t perfect yet — we’re still working on it too!

It’s an iterative process.

You put up your best content, see how it works (or doesn’t) and tweak based on what you learn. Let your conversion rates be your guide.


Mike Connolly
Mike Connolly

Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Mike Connolly lives in Boulder, Colorado, builds marketing funnels that rock, and loves cycling (almost) all year round.