Tutorial #1: 15-30% More Leads From Your Site

The first of our three SEO Tutorials reveals how to avoid having a “zombie page” on your website.

According to Brian Dean, SEO authority and founder of backlinko.com, there’s a certain type of zombie page that could be dragging your site down in the rankings.

Back in the day, I used to publish blog posts just for the sake of publishing them.

So my site has a ton of pages that nobody visits, nobody knows about and that are just dead weight, search-wise.

Can you relate?

Well, according to Brian, here’s what happened for a few brave souls who went in and pruned zombie pages like that from websites they were in charge of :

SEO Case Study #1

Joe Robinson removed 76 pages from his client’s site, consolidating some into in-depth articles. Result? An organic traffic boost of 16% in just 30 days.

SEO Case Study #2

Alan Boyd noticed his client’s West Palm Beach water sports rentals site had 50 pages that basically all said the same thing. So he distilled them down into just four pages, resulting in a traffic increase of 36.9%.

SEO Case Study #3

Bart runs the web design SAAS company, Readz. He deleted 45 low-quality blog posts. At first his traffic dipped. But once the algorithm picked up on the change, his organic traffic shot up by 32%.

Now deleting, redirecting and consolidating “Zombie” posts and pages may not be THE most important thing you can do to get found on the Googles…

(And if you do this, please exercise due caution.)

But if it nets you a nice jump in traffic without spending a dime on advertising?

Well, you can thank me — and Brian Dean for his research — later.

Tutorial #2: Get The Lion’s Share of Your Target Traffic

You’ll see literally thousands of articles and videos about all the ways to game the search engines.

One such article from a highly respected website in the SEO community listed 200 factors that go into getting top rankings in search.

Which will keep a lot of folks very busy for a very long time.

Unfortunately for them (and their clients), they may be busy, but I’ll beat them to page one.



Like most things in life, there are usually only a handful of factors that really matter.

And so it is with search — literally just five.

If you focus just on them and let the rest go, you’ll get the results you want without wasting a TON of time.

And the reason is, Google is just a machine, based on a piece of code.

You can’t call your brother-in-law who works at Google and say, “Hey, can you do me a favor and nudge me up in the rankings?”

It doesn’t work that way.

It’s just a dumb machine.

And if you know what the key factors are that drive it, you can scoop out the lion’s share of traffic in your niche.

Tutorial #3: Three Easy Ways to Bring in More Leads

Here are a 3 easy things your can check in less than five minutes that might, with a quick fix, bring in more sales for you — on autopilot:

1. Find And Fix Broken Links

Broken links hurt your credibility. They also annoy people. If your visitors can’t find what they want quickly, they’ll leave. And probably never return.

If your site is small, you can find and fix them yourself. If it’s bigger, you might consider a tool such as SEMrush to check them for you.

2. Check For Clear Calls to Action

Let’s say your web copy has enticed your prospect into opting in, or even ordering from you. If she isn’t sure what to do next, or is confused by what she sees on the page, she’ll think twice and probably just leave.

Read your copy, especially on the homepage. It needs to lead your visitor to take the next step — giving you an email address, filling in a contact form, making a phone call, etc. And it needs to show them exactly how to do that.

3. Is Your Copy Easy to Scan?

Your visitor came to your site looking for information. He wants to see what you’re all about, or to answer a specific question. Either way, giving him quick bite-sized chunks works to your advantage.

Subheads, bolded copy and short paragraphs with lots of space gives your visitors a chance to get the gist of your copy quickly. And move on confidently to next steps with you.

Those are few quick things you can do to make sure your website isn’t losing visitors that could otherwise become customers.

And that, of course, means more money in the bank for you…

And more freedom to do all the things that bring you joy in life.

For a more in-depth website “health check”, request a complimentary SEO Consultation.