“Organizing words to motivate people to buy is a superpower”. — Dan S. Kennedy, “The Millionaire Maker”Copywriter For Information Marketers Mike Connolly With Dan Kennedy

Internet copywriting doesn’t have to hard, time-consuming or expensive…

In fact, once you know a few basics, the opposite is true. And the degree of success possible on the web can be like that of rock stars…

Case in point:

By 1964, the Beatles were already wealthy beyond their dreams.

Yet, as Paul said, when John was adding an extension to his house or something, they would say, “Let’s sit down and write a swimming pool today.”

They’d become aware that writing songs was making money for them. Very good money.

And it’s the same with telling your company’s story on the web.

The internet is still a sort of wild west, a gold rush that you’d be crazy not to understand and put to use to help you achieve your dreams.

So what’s stopping you from cashing in?

If you’re as busy as most business owners, your to-do list is already seriously overloaded.

And the last time you sat down to try and write an article or blog post or email to your target prospects, it just took too damn long.

All the other fires burning just seem to need your attention.

So what can you do?

Maybe you need to hire a “chief storyteller”.

Ted, the marketing director at the University of Colorado’s Continuing Education program told me they just went through a long hiring process and found someone who seems to be working out well. She’s inquisitive, “gets” them, and is really good at spinning a tale that helps them sell their program.

But you may not have the budget, or the time that a bigger organization does.

That’s where having a few basic “speedwriting” skills in your back pocket comes in handy.

Example: The basic story arc consists of three parts:

  1. The setup – Give the background and context for what’s about to happen.
  2. Action – What happened. The hero gets in trouble and works his way out, at least part way…
  3. Moral – What your audience can learn from what the hero’s action.

That’s it – It’s really that dang simple.

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Mike Connolly