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How to Get Awesome Lead Magnet Ideas

Have you ever wanted to build a great list that you can market to without spending a fortune on advertising, but then you get stuck at coming up with ideas for a lead magnet to build that list?

What I’d like to show you in this post is how to go from being stuck on ideas for your lead magnet, to having a process to find winning lead magnet ideas over and over again.

On the go and prefer to listen? Here you go:


Basically, there are 3 things you need to know…

Great Lead Magnet Idea Thing #1

The first thing is that there are a set of guidelines that will help you create lead magnets that work. If you use these guidelines as a checklist, you’ll be able to make sure that any lead magnet ideas you select actually work for you. That way, you’ll have a good idea ahead of time if you’ve picked a lead magnet worth investing your time and/or money into.

There are 4 points in this checklist. Point #1 is: Keep your lead magnet short.

Make it quick to read, watch or listen to in 4-7 minutes or less. Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer — the person who’s going to opt-in for your lead magnet as part of your funnel and become part of your list. When she sees something, you know how we all are, we’re very busy these days. We do not want to spend a lot of time trying to consume something.

So if there’s, let’s say a report that’s going to take a long time to read… If it’s a great big long piece that we’re going to have to sit down and read for three hours, or it’s a two hour video or something, it’s just not going to happen. Everybody’s too busy. So you need to make it short. Keep it down to something they can consume in 4-7 minutes or less.

Point #2 in your checklist of guidelines is to make it actionable.

Give your prospect something he can do right away to solve the one thing bugging him the most related to your product or service. If you’re selling shoes, for instance, you would give him a way to quickly measure his shoe size. Or maybe find the right color for the kind of outfit that he’s planning to wear. Something along those lines —something that he can DO right away. Not something that he can just read and say, “Well that’s interesting.” Make your lead magnet a thing he can take action on immediately. Make it actionable, that’s Point #2.

Point #3 is make you lead magnet goal oriented.

Remember, a smart goal, spelled S-M-A-R-T, is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding and Trackable (or time-bound, if you prefer). There could be variance in each of part of the acronym, whatever… If you know about smart goals you may have different aspects of each of those points, but basically remember that when you’re coming up with your lead magnet idea, is make it goal oriented. Think about about it that way for your prospect.

What can she accomplish that’s going to be “S-M-A-R-T” like that? What goal will your lead magnet help your prospect achieve? Let’s say that you’re selling a life insurance policy. Then the lead magnet to attract someone onto your list so that you can later offer them a life insurance policy might be a quick calculator to determine how much life insurance she needs. That would satisfy her goal of being able to provide for her family or loved ones in the event of an early demise. So be sure to make your lead magnet goal-oriented. That’s Point #3.

Point #4 is, make it easy.

Don’t make it hard to consume and take immediate action on. Give your prospect something easy to do so he feels an immediate sense of accomplishment. That way he’ll appreciate what it is that you’ve done for him and he’ll have a sense of, “Yeah, I really like being here, being on this list. I wonder what else this person has in addition to this that could help me in my life.”

So let’s say you have a piece of software that enables your prospect to keep track of the accounting for her company. What you would want to do with your lead magnet, so that she’ll join your list (so that you can then eventually offer her your software) is give her something really easy to do so she can feel a sense of instant gratification.

What that might be is a quick, a little demo of how to set up a bookkeeping system for one aspect of her business. Maybe it could be how to keep track of mileage on her car. That would be very easy to do, just maybe a little spreadsheet. She could throw it together in a minute or less. Then she would have a sense of accomplishment that she made her life better in some way that’s related to the product or service that you’re offering. That’s point #4: Make it easy for your prospect to accomplish something.

So that 4-point checklist is the first thing that you want to do to find great lead magnet ideas. Keep in mind those four points as you’re searching for great lead magnet ideas.

Great Lead Magnet Idea Thing #2

Now the second thing is to remember you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. What I mean by that is that there are already plenty of lead magnet ideas out there on the web. You can Google them.

Rather than just try to wrack your brain and think of something, go find a list and use that list to come up with ideas that you can use. In other words, pull your lead magnet ideas from an existing list. I’ll have one here on this post that you can download (stay tuned…). This will give you an idea. There least 21 different lead magnet ideas you can use. Using an existing list to brainstorm from is an easy way to start.

Then, look through the list and see what you think might be appropriate for your prospect. What could you put together within the amount of time you have, and with whatever cash you want to invest in it — if any. A lot of these lead magnets you can create for free. So pull ideas from a list, and then, of course, compare them to the 4-point checklist that I gave you earlier. No need to reinvent the wheel, go pull ideas from an existing list.

Great Lead Magnet Idea Thing #3

Point number three is remember this: Perfection is the enemy of progress. Even if you create a lead magnet, or you’re thinking about creating a lead magnet, and you feel that it’s not quite right, launch it. Maybe it has a few “warts”… some flaws, imperfections, whatever. It doesn’t have to be perfect to work for you.

So what you do is you create it. Give it your best shot and get it out the door. Then, once it’s out there and performing for you… Once people are finding your landing page where that lead magnet is, and they are either opting in or not, then check your stats. Check your metrics on it.

See how many people are hitting your page and how many are opting in. That will tell you how effective that lead magnet could be. In another post I’ll describe for you the type of conversion rates that you should expect generally speaking, as a baseline that you can compare to.

But first just get your lead magnet out there and see what your results are. Ask your subscribers what they like. It’s another thing you can do. If you are able to email them, or even setup an autoresponder, ask them, “Hey, how did you like that lead magnet? Did it really provide value for you? What didn’t you like about it? How could it be improved?” By checking your metrics and getting feedback from your subscribers, that will give you guidelines for, let’s call it “Version 2.0”, and beyond.

You can then get back in and iterate and change it. You can redo it, to improve it. And then, again, go back and do the same thing. Check your results. Look at your metrics. Ask people how they like it and see if that second version is indeed an improvement.

The hardest part about getting your lead magnet out there is… Getting your lead magnet out there. It’s the launching. So get that out of the way, and then let your audience tell you how to tweak it. They know better than you do what is going to work for them.

So that’s the third thing, and that’s my final suggestion for you: Don’t worry about perfecting it. Just get it out the door, and tweak it from there.

A Time-Tested Strategy

I hope that helps. Lead magnets are God’s gift to anyone with a product or service to sell. Building a list and selling to it really beats cold calling, or having to go knock on doors. Whether you’re offering a lead magnet for online marketing or not… Whether you have a physical product or not… A good lead magnet can be very, very helpful.

Before the internet, door-to-door salesmen used to go around offering a free bag of coffee to housewives as a way to get their foot in the door. They’d come back a week later and then show off their kitchen wares or whatever. Lead magnets aren’t new. It’s been proven over the years to be extremely effective as a way to build a relationship with future customers.

And building the relationship is always the foundation for your first sale. If done right, if you build that relationship well, then not only will you make that first sale, there will be many more to follow. Either from that same customer or from people that they will be more than happy to refer to you.

For quick reference, here’s how to create a lead magnet.

And one last thing, a bonus tip…

Social Media can also be a great source for lead magnet ideas. Be sure to check out our Social Media Content Writing Service. It will keep your business in front of your prospects so you can more easily garner their attention when you have something to offer them.

I hope that helps. Enjoy putting getting great lead magnet ideas and growing your business with them!

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