How to Avoid Lost Sales Due to “Muddled Messaging”

If your business is losing sales due to a lack of consistent, clear marketing… this could be the most important message you’ve ever read.

Yes, when you’re under the gun to get a sales letter done this month…core message copy platform - confused looking woman

Or a landing page and email campaign out by end of week…

And you have four social media posts to write today…

It can be tough to keep all your messaging consistent.

Sound familiar?

It’s costing you more than you think…

The problem is, inconsistent messaging creates confusion in your prospect’s mind.

And a confused mind will not progress on the path you’ve set out for them to become a client.

When you don’t have a simple, clear message throughout your media, it literally paralyzes your prospects.

And when that happens, they leave.

So, what’s the solution?

First, it’s important to understand that failing to plan is planning to fail…

It’s just as true in marketing as it is in football, golf or any other game….

As competitive as it is today in business, you’ve got to state clearly how your product or service benefits your prospects. And if that message doesn’t come across “loud and clear”, you’ll lose the game. And the business.

To avoid that, you need to deliver a consistent clear message to your target audience.

That’s where having a Core Message Copy Platform can make a huge difference.

A Core Message Copy Platform Saves You Time And Positions Your Brand for Success.

Your Core Message Copy Platform is your secret weapon that ensures you have a clear marketing messages across every channel.

It’s simply a powerful set of benefit statements about your product or service.

A Core Message Copy Platform gives you the foundation to build all your marketing on.  Once you have it, all your marketing happens faster, and with less effort.

In short, your Core Message Copy Platform drives up your ROI on every marketing dollar invested.

What’s included in a Core Message Copy Platform:

  • Competitive Market Analysis and Report
  • Product tagline
  • Description of your specific target market persona
  • Explanation of the value provided by your product or service
  • Description of how your product works
  • A complete list of market research facts and figures of interest to target prospects
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) statement
  • Emotional Selling Proposition (ESP) statement – The deeper benefits
  • Product or service positioning statement
  • Testimonials from product champions
  • Key benefit statement
  • Key benefit statements designed to overcome anticipated objections

Remember repetition builds reputation…

A Core Message Copy Platform helps you…

  • Develop strong, consistent selling statements
  • Create a memorable, positive image for your products
  • Touch a target audience on an emotional level
  • Increase the selling power of your marketing materials
  • Raise your ROI to levels that meet and exceed your expectations
  • Boost the flow of revenue into your business significantly!

Ready to pack more power in your marketing?

If your email, website or paid ads aren’t getting the conversion rates you want, maybe your messaging isn’t consistent and clear.

To see if inconsistent copy is causing you to lose sales, request a free diagnostic consultation today, and find out if a Core Message Copy Platform could help clarify your marketing and grow your sales— WITHOUT adding to your current monthly advertising budget.

But do it now. The longer you wait, the more sales you could be missing out on!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Mike Connolly, Marketing Advisor aka the “Copy Jedi”

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Vania Clark-Butler, CEO Automating Success“You’re an awesome copywriter, Mike. There’s a lot of depth in your material. I feel much better about moving forward with updating my website and targeting my branding using the material you’ve prepared for me.”

~ Vania Clark-Butler, Founder & CEO, Automating Success