Mike Connolly Copywriting Samples

  • Video SEO Campaign

    For Medigap Advisors, Health Insurance Agency, Scripted, Recorded and Produced by Mike Connolly, Delivering a Steady Flow of Leads since 2010 Visit YouTube Channel

  • Homepage Video Script

    Homepage sales video scripted for Slaten Wealth Management by Mike Connolly at an Infusionsoft Implementation Accelerator View Video

  • Long Form Text-Based Sales Page

    For High End Coaching Product Launch by Robert Skrob, President of the Information Marketing Association, Copy and Cosmetics by Mike Connolly View PDF Copy

  • Video Sales Letter Script Samples

    For a “self-guided tour” of a collection of Mike Connolly’s short form VSL scripts done for clients in a variety of industries,  Check Out This Page.

  • Complete "From Scratch" Website

    Complete website built from scratch to attract and convert patients for a specialist in alternative eye disease treatments, Dr. Damon Miller. Click here to visit BetterEyeHealth.com.

  • Blog at StrategiCopy.com

    The posts on our blog at StrategiCopy.com target growth-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers. It provides a glimpse into our approach, philosophy and content writing style.

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“You said in one sentence what I’ve been trying to say for four years.  I was in tears.  Really.  Thank you SO much!
~ Brenda Schubach Kiehnau, Executive Director of I am a Force4Good

Brenda Schubach

“My new product launch had languished for 5 months and when I hired Mike, it became a success.  The entire campaign was a lot better than I could have done myself.  Plus, it was finished within weeks getting me paid quickly and giving me the peace of mind that I’d completed one of my big projects for the year.”


New Prospect Warm-Up Email Sequence

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Email 2
Email 3

Website Content Audit and Rewrite

About Page
Services Page


You're an awesome copywriter, Mike. There's a lot of depth in your material. I feel much better about moving forward with updating my website and targeting my branding using the material you've prepared for me.

Vania Clark-Butler Vania Clark-Butler
Automating Success
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*The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting.