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Your Choice of SEO, Pay-Per-Click or Social Media Leads plus Professionally Crafted Content to Convert Those Leads, All Driven by Infusionsoft "Return Path" Automation to Deliver Pre-Sold Prospects, Pre-Determined to do business with YOU.


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It's an established fact that thriving businesses need results-getting sales and marketing systems to grow - Our Infusionsoft Sales Explosion Kickstart helps you grow sales, save time and get organized like never before!

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"I'm now capturing leads that are
incredibly valuable in my industry."

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    Hey Mike,

    THANK YOU for all your help and patience guiding us through our Infusionsoft Kickstart. Your ideas and guidance in the beginning gave us a good compass and it's been guiding us well.

    Just today I got an email from a client who agreed to sign up for $500/month 1 hour sessions...once per month to help advise him on his new office build (likely 6-18 months of fees)

    For WEEKS now, I've gotten a new subscriber to my list just about every day. Every day. I had no idea that would happen.

    And I haven't spent a dollar on traditional advertising yet.

    I'm now capturing leads that are incredibly valuable in my industry - like, perhaps the most desirable leads in the industry since I'm capturing them at the first stages of their consideration to move to their next phase of practice ownership

    Anyway, I'm thrilled with the results and can't wait to see what comes in the future.

    Thanks again Mike - you're an inspiration and I'm excited to take things to the next level (with you and as a result of you too).

    PS: My first client just signed for $48k!
    Jayme Amos Author And Dental Practice Consultant

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  • Grow Sales

    Attract ideal leads with the right message in the highest ROI media, identify and score hot prospects and manage opportunities, create branded storefronts and order forms, automate post-purchase follow-up and boost revenues with referral programs and upsells.

  • Save Time

    Customize web forms, emails and landing pages, launch dynamic marketing campaigns with drag-and-drop simplicity and measure what’s working with tracking and reporting

  • Get Organized

    Streamline and automate your daily tasks and appointments, identify the hottest leads, nurture leads with automated follow-up campaigns, deliver the right message at the right time and easily segment your list based on purchase history, sales cycles, clicks and email opens.

  • StrategiCopy Platinum Level Sales Explosion Kickstart
  • 3 Email Nurture and Convert Sequence
  • Lead Generation Landing Page
  • Lead Magnet Report
  • Viral Media Business Page Optimization in Facebook, Google Plus or Linkedin
  • Infusionsoft Complete - Including CRM/Sales, Marketing and eCommerce Modules!
  • PLUS... 2 Full Days of Intense Marketing Implementation for You and Your Business - In Beautiful Boulder, CO
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