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Two Copywriting Blunders to Avoid

Did you ever just have one of those days when you realized that, man — “they” just won, and you fricking LOST the point, match or even the whole game?

I don’t know about you, but I HATE to lose.


So as I was heading over to the gym the other day, I had a quick thought for you about copywriting blunders…

To recap the video, here are a couple of dumb things I did recently, that you can learn from.

I was writing a campaign for a client and actually let them have their way, as far as what the offer was gonna be. It was a weak offer. I sorta knew that, but I said, “Okay. Well let’s see if we can make that work. I’ll see if I can write the emails and a sales page that’ll work with that.”

Quite honestly, it didn’t turn out to be a huge success. Passably good, but with just a few tweaks, we might have done better.

So, lesson learned there was, you’ve got to really push to make what’s gonna work be the thing that you put out there. You have to fight for your point-of-view sometimes, and make sure that your marketing campaign is tweaked out to the hilt. Or else you’re just gonna be disappointed in the results.

Have you ever been disappointed like that? Experienced marketers will probably say yes.

A Tale of Two Blunders

You want to know what the two things were that weren’t as strong as they could be?

Well, one was that we really didn’t have a very good reason to take action right away, which we realized later… Once we realized it, we just made a last-minute tweak… But the problem was that there just wasn’t a strong sense of urgency. There was no good reason for our prospects to take action right away.

We let ‘em off the hook to come back later. And you know what later means?


So, we replaced that. We got it fixed. But it never should have been missed.

The other mistake I made, was there just wasn’t enough value built up. In other words, in the copy I’d listed all the things the buyer would get. A huge list of benefits. And it was actually an amazing offer.

But it could have shown a price tag on each item, and then summed up the total, which I think would have been way more … let’s see, what’s the word I’m looking for…

More enticing.

There you go. That’s it…


At any rate, there are a couple of easily avoidable mistakes that probably cost my client at least a few sales.


Moral of the Story

Well, I hope you can learn from it, and make sure you get two things done in your copy:

Thing #1: Always, always, always give your prospect an irresistible reason to take action NOW. Not later… NOW!

And Thing #2: Build the value of your offer. Do the math. Add up the value of all your offer’s benefits for your prospect. Don’t just assume she’ll do it in her head. She won’t. She’s got too many other things on her mind. She’ll just move on, and you’ll lose the sale.

Now, none of this is new…

In fact, just look at how even this ad from loooooooong, long ago, for the “hot” new technology of the day, includes a form of urgency. Can you spot it?

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