commitment and consistency

The Persuasive Power of Commitment and Consistency

Not all sales funnels are obvious. Quick story about that:

I used to run for fun and fitness.

One year I even made it to the top 3% for my age group in a local 10k race we have here, called the Bolder Boulder.

But then raising a family and starting a new business took center stage.

Fast forward about 10 years to a couple of weeks ago.

I’d been itching to see if I could make it into one of the qualifying waves in the BB10k.

So I got up early on a rainy Saturday morning and hopped on a treadmill at the Bolder Boulder store for the qualifying test.

About an hour later, I walked out with my qualifying bib (FA wave, if you’re curious) and 3 different shirts, all proudly proclaiming I was running in the 2018 Bolder Boulder.

Mind you, I hadn’t actually decided to run the race at that point.

I bought the package “just in case”…

So now, after a week or two of wearing the shirts, bragging to friends about my qualifying time and buying a new pair of running shoes (just in case…), how can I NOT get out to the starting line this coming Monday and run my 10k?

In his now-classic book, Influence: Science and Practice, Robert Cialdini describes six ways to influence people.

Pay close attention now — This is where you get to pick up a key insight to help you grow sales…

One of the six ways he calls “commitment and consistency”.

You see, when we make a statement, or take even the slightest step in one direction we’re demonstrating to the world a commitment.

Once made, we feel irresistibly compelled to stick with it.

The folks running the Bolder Boulder may not have totally planned it this way, but with the swag (T-shirts, for instance), advertising in social media, the local papers and radio, they make it almost impossible to not stay committed.

I mean, running 6.4 miles isn’t something most folks do every day.

But year after year, about 50,000 people come to Boulder from around the world to do just that.

And I think part of how they help foster that kind of following is all the little things they do to make it easy for folks to take that first step, leading to the next, and the next…

Getting your customers to the “finish line”

Until they find themselves at the starting line, waiting for the gun to signal the start of a 6.4 mile test of endurance.

It’s all about commitment and consistency.

Now the trick for you is to find just one or two things you can do this week to “grease the chute” that slides prospects into the happy state your product or service is sure to bring them to.

Example, let’s say for a local service business, let’s say a landscape contractor:

  1. Prospects see an article by you in a local free ad weekly down at the coffee shop
  2. They go to your website and give you their email address. That gets them your free report: “5 easy ways to rid your lawn of crabgrass”.
  3. Your automated system sends them the report. It also emails a series of cool tidbits about lawn care. Your ad retargeting system answers objections your prospects may have about engaging in your service.
  4. At certain intervals, via email and/or social media, you ask if they’d like help with the crabgrass, or other lawn issues they’re dealing with.
  5. Which of course leads to a sales conversation, by email, phone or in person — in this case, perhaps a free consultation or lawn care quote.
  6. They become customers and — key point here, so pay attention — you delight your customer with service above and beyond what they expect.
  7. As a result of your outstanding service, they give your business a five star review… at your request, of course.
  8. And that, in turn, leads to more customers, as other prospects (and the search engines) notice all the great reviews you’re getting.

That’s the “slippery chute” of commitment and consistency.

Notice how at each step of the way, micro-commitments are made, leading to the next step.

Now trick for me this week will be making it to the finish line in the Bolder Boulder without taking all day…


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Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Mike Connolly lives in Boulder, Colorado, builds marketing funnels that rock, and loves cycling (almost) all year round.

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