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Selling on Facebook? 4 Ways To Cut Ad Cost

If you’re selling on Facebook, there’s ONE thing that will boost your response rates and cut your ad spend: Pave the way with social content.

After all, if every dollar invested brought back $1.50, how many dollars would you invest?

The secret to selling profitably on Facebook is social content. So, just what is “social content”? And how can it help you grow your business? Here are 4 ways social content can help you sell more on Facebook with a lower ad cost.

Incorporate Social Content in Your Blog

selling on facebook with social content in your blog

Adding social content to your blog builds emotional connections with your audience.

In this article, Drew Allen defines social content as a way to connect and link your blog with social media posts, info-graphics and other content. It engages your audience and helps you build a more personal relationship with your community. Don’t focus on “going viral”… Just develop genuine relationships so people in your audience have an emotional connection with you, and with other members of your community.

Know Your Target Market


Why Knowing Your Target Market Is Critical For Social Content That Works

As author Chantal Saville says in this article, “If You Don’t Know WHO You’re Talking To, You’re Talking Out Of Your…Well, You Know…” Sure, it’s marketing 101, but we could all use a reminder now and then: You MUST take the time to work out exactly who YOUR target market is, and where they can be found. Otherwise posting your social content is more like tossing mud on the wall to see what sticks.

Break Your Content Into 6 Categories


Break your social content into these 6 categories to keep your fans fascinated.

Louise Meyers of likes to break social content into these 6 categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Conversation
  • Connection
  • Promotion

Posting great content from a variety of “buckets” attracts new followers and delights current ones. Test and track what your fans like. Which ones get the most Likes? Shares? Retweets? For ideas, track down sources your audience already follows.

And finally, if you’re serious about selling on Facebook, here’s a quick 8-minute message on how to…

Save Time by Keeping Your Social Content Organized:

So, why is social content so effective?

If you watch all the top internet marketers, you’ll see them doing this. I discovered this when fellow member of the Digital Marketer community shared his results with me. He said his Facebook ads used to get lots of trolls. When he started layering his ads over social content, the trolls disappeared, he got more leads and Facebook boosted his ad relevance score, which cut his ad spend.

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This strategy works whether you’re selling T-shirts or high-end consulting on Facebook. And if you think about it, it just makes sense, especially as the price of your offer goes up… Would you buy a big ticket item from someone without having at least a little bit of conversation to get to know them first? If you’re selling on Facebook, social content does this for you.

Bottom Line

Social Content doesn’t have to suck up all your time. And, according to at least one advertiser I know, as well as from my own experience, your Facebook ads will perform better against a background of engaging social content that’s most relevant to your target audience.

Want more business from social media but don’t have the time to create content that attracts your ideal audience? Let our writers create consistent, high-quality, customized social content for you. So you can get back to doing what you’re best at. (Unless that happens to be posting great, response-getting social content)

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