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How to Attract Customers With One Simple Content Strategy

In 1933, Proctor & Gamble hit on one simple content strategy that grew profits for the next three decades.

What happened was, they wanted to reach more customers…

Radio had just become a thing…

And housewives — P&G’s best customers — were tuning in.

Ma Perkins Content StrategySo P&G introduced Ma Perkins, a serial radio drama, that became hugely successful in its own right.

Ma Perkins provided a terrific advertising platform for P&G.

But not only that, P&G now owned a valuable asset. In fact, they developed their own in-house radio production department.

Other soap companies soon recognized the content strategy for its value, and started producing their own shows.

Which, of course, led to a whole new genre of entertainment we now know as “soap opera”.

Using a Simple Content Strategy to Market Your Business

There are two big lessons in this story.

One, is that people would rather be entertained than educated. And they’d rather be educated far more than sold to.

As a result, “info-tainment” can be far more persuasive than out and out selling.

But the second lesson is even more powerful…

Notice that P&G not only created a new advertising platform to sell from, they also got a valuable media company with its own intrinsic value.

Now they could use Ma Perkins to promote other products, either of their own, or from other companies, and earn profits from the ad revenues.

Kinda’ like twofers, or BOGO, isn’t it?

Personal Case Study: The Content That Made Me a Customer

As a dedicated marketer, I’m sometimes my own best lab rat.

Here’s what I mean…

Last Saturday, I was down at my local blood donation center, a place I’ve been frequenting for years. bonfils blood donation center boulder colorado

In fact, I’ve literally donated gallons.

I’m not saying that to brag — it’s just to point out that a long time ago I became a lifetime customer.

More on that, and why it matters in a moment…

You see, the phlebotomist (person who draws blood) I was chatting with, was lamenting to me about how only 4% of the population in the state of Colorado had ever donated blood. Yet there’s such a huge, ongoing need…

Well, that got my marketing gears a turning…

“Why?”, I thought… And what could be done to persuade more people to become lifelong donors, as I had? Or even occasional donors???

So I went back to what got me started.

And lo and behold… It was a simple bit of content — in the form of a news story — that had done it for me.

It was an editorial piece playing on the radio one morning as I was getting ready for work. A country doctor was talking about how excess iron in your blood can cause your hair to turn grey.

Especially for men.

I was beginning to pay attention…

Vanity Can be a Your Friend

At the time I was in my late 40s and had started noticing a few of those dreaded grey strands showing up here and there…

This doctor also happened to mention that one way to reduce excess iron was to donate blood.

Now he really had my attention…

Problem + solution + bonus of feeling virtuous as a donor…

After all, I told myself, I’m all for making a difference without unduly burdening my wallet.

It’s called “enlightened self interest”.

And that innocent little news story is what turned me into a long, long, long time customer for my local blood center.

Do you see how simple it can be?

You Can Use This Simple Content Strategy to Grow Sales

I seriously doubt that country doc’s piece was paid for, or solicited in any way by any blood collecting organization. Though he was evidently aware they existed, and felt it was a social good he could freely talk about.

The point is, his piece was very persuasive to at least one member of his audience. And, I suspect, more than just me.

So how can apply this content strategy in your business?


To attract new clients or customers, tell informative stories on media that will reach your audience. Let them convince themselves from the facts.

It doesn’t need to be fancy… complicated… or polished to perfection…

Just provide real information that your ideal customers are interested in.

And with the plethora of social media these days, posting strategic content for your audience is easier than ever.

And, other than a little time and creativity to get your story out there…

It’s practically FREE!

Just remember: Nobody wants to be sold to…

But we all love to buy.


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