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Marketing Message vs Media

One mistake a lot of businesses make is mixing up marketing message with media. They think media before message.

Here’s the problem, the internet is a real handy thing. And a lot of people these days think it’s really the only media.

Don’t get me wrong. You absolutely need to be on the web. Your customers are there.

And let’s face it, the internet isn’t the ONLY media out there, but here’s what really matters: If you come to your customers with a clear, concise message that they can understand and resonate with, it almost doesn’t matter which media they find you in.

Following are three examples.

News Stories About Your Business

I had a client ask me last week about their Google ads, which weren’t getting the results they’d hoped for. They were wondering, “If we’re not on Google, how do we reach new customers? How do we keep getting leads until we get this Google campaign back up and running?”

My recommendation: With the holidays coming up, a good thing for this law firm to do would be talk about some type of charity project that they were doing in the community. It’s very much of a local-based business, and that there’s a local newspaper, radio station or TV channel that would be happy to run some kind of a story about that, if they could make it interesting.

Article Marketing

You could run an advertorial, like one of my mentors, Frank Kern, did for a doctor client of his. This doctor was having some problems with his advertising on the web. Their solution was, they wrote a full-page advertorial, and published it in a local paper. They had something like a 9:1 return on that one promotion. They spent a few thousand dollars and were getting tens of thousands back in revenue, even after just a month or so of running, if I remember right.

Direct Mail

So, there’s all kinds of things you can do besides the web, or with the web, in conjunction with the web. I got one more example for you. This is from a business called tastytrade. It’s an online options trading platform for people that like to trade options, and I’m actually part of that. I got this in the mail last week, and let me see if I can show you what’s in it. You get this nifty little card and everything, a sticker, stickers are big, and you get this little pin that you can wear.

Power Strategy

Notice that with the TastyWorks marketing tactic, they’re giving customers a special sense of identity — something to aspire to. It’s kind of belonging to a community with stuff like that. You put the sticker on the back of your computer, or you wear this pin around, and people might ask you, “Well, what’s that all about?” And then you can tell them, or you might even run into somebody else that knows exactly what that is, and there’s this kind of shared sense of community. By the way, this is a little extra tip, that if you give your customers a sense of something to aspire to, that they’ll love you for it. That’s just a little extra tip for being able to create really effective marketing messages.

A Clear Marketing Message Can Drive Crazy (Good) Growth

The main point here, is to be sure to not mix up the importance of the media with the message. So, yes, go ahead, get everything out that you can online, but don’t forget there are other ways of reaching your customers. And if you do that with a clear, concise message that tells your story in a compelling way, your business will grow.

I hope you find this tip useful. Do you have untapped opportunities?

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