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This Little-Known 10-Minute Hack Will Increase Search Engine Ranking

A little-known hack to increase search engine ranking at near ZERO cost is to do quick makeover on an already successful post.

It gives an old blog post new life, getting you new traffic and clicks in the process.

So, to begin, you’ll need a blog… And a post, preferably one that’s been around 30 days or longer so you can track its metrics.

Pick one that’s been getting good traffic and conversions for you already…

And what we’re going to do is give it a quick makeover to refresh it and see if we can get even better traffic and conversions…

It shouldn’t take more than about 10-15 minutes to increase your search engine ranking as well as boosting conversions from that post.

In this example, starting with Google Analytics, you find a post that’s had good traffic metrics.

increase search engine ranking

If you’re like me, when you go back and look at old stuff you created a few years ago, you wince…

“Sheesh, did I really do that???”

Which is probably a good thing. It just means you’re getting better at it…

And you now have a chance to go back and fix stuff that’s obviously not working…

Remember, Google loves fresh content.

So refreshing the content on your post gives you a chance to get more traffic.

Not only that, you’ll be making it more user-friendly… And that translates into clicks and sales.

A word of caution though: As the good folks at Michigan Tech say, “Never sacrifice good writing for SEO”.

Again, going back this example, the blog post is a case study showing several steps in a marketing funnel

increase search engine ranking - marketing funnel


The first thing we did is add in sub-heads.

Search engines love that, and it really does make it easier for your visitor to quickly decipher what the post is all about.

If your site is built in WordPress, you can use an SEO plugin to point out elements of your post that can be optimized.

I’m using a plugin called Yoast in this case. There are other SEO plugins for WordPress as well.

It doesn’t really matter which platform your site is built on, you just need to find an app that tells you where your on-page SEO could be better.

It’s also more likely to get you better conversions because the page will be more user friendly.

One measure you’ll want to check is “readability”.

increase search engine ranking - readability

In this case, Yoast indicated the page would be more search engine and user friendly if it had sub-heads…

It also hinted that including the target search term, “marketing funnel” in one or more of the sub-heads would improve the post.

Another thing to check is your image alt text.

Use “alt text” strategically to increase search engine ranking.

Alt text is cool because you can plug in your target search term into images without having to fit the term into your content.

increase search engine ranking - alt text

Then another thing we did on this post is added a “Johnson Box”.

Here’s an example of a live Johnson Box:

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You can easily find the code for it online.

It gives you a place to insert an ad that fits into the context of the post.

And, of course, assuming you own the blog, it’s virtually free advertising — And, if done right, very effective advertising at that!

You can do this yourself, have someone on your team do it, or outsource it.


It’s quick, effective and FREE.

So as you can see, a quick “refresh” is a good way to increase search engine ranking on a blog post, or even regular web page.

It should give you a quick boost in traffic and conversions, leading to a bigger customer base and more sales.

You’ll love it, the search engines will love it and your visitors will love it — Good for sales and good for your business.

I hope this post helps you easily increase search engine ranking on your older posts and pages.

And I’d love to hear about your results in the comment box below.

Deploy and Enjoy! 🙂


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