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How to get clients — WITHOUT wasting a fortune on dumb ads…

If you have ever struggled with how to get clients…

Or spent more on marketing than you got back in revenues…

And if you don’t have a recognized name brand YET…

Then solving the riddle of how to get clients is your job #1.

But this is where most marketers go wrong…

They start by thinking, “How can I sell this product?”

But that’s a formula for frustration. There’s a much better way…

The easiest way I know to get clients without a huge ad spend, is to start with “The 3 C’s”:

Clarify, Create and Converse.

  • Clarify WHO you will serve.
  • CREATE a community.
  • Converse with real people.

That’s the big picture. Now let’s look at the details…

Step 1: Clarify

When you build a house, you need to start with a good foundation on solid ground.

To build a funnel that consistently brings in clients, you start with a clear idea of your ideal client.

Decide who that person is…

What’s she struggling with?

Do you know what really frustrates her?

Does she worry about things that keep her up at night?

Can you help here get what she really wants?

Let’s say you’re selling a course on how to escape the rat race and start your own business…

And naturally, you want to know how to get clients:

So, let’s say your ideal prospect is “Gerry”…

Gerry is 38 years old and has two kids. He’s married and lives in a nice 3-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac in the suburbs of St. Louis. He drives 35 minutes to work every day and spends 10 hours away from home Mondays through Fridays. He comes home in the evenings, gets to spend a little time with his kids and hang out with his wife.

Then he basically just slumps down on the couch and wonders why he’s working at this 9-5 job and then spending all this time commuting every day, doing work he really doesn’t like. He doesn’t relate to it. He really hates that part of his life. And that’s his big struggle. He wants to be free to spend more time with his family. To travel more. To spend less time commuting…

A good avatar helps you empathize with your ideal client.

That’s what you want to do when you create an avatar. Clarify the ideal client you want to attract. What I like to do is actually write their story, answer questions about what they like, what their fears are, what their hopes, and dreams and aspirations are. Put a picture of them up so you can imagine speaking with this person.

Create solutions that help him on his journey.

So step 1 is to CLARIFY your who. Create an avatar of the person that you want to serve. He’s going to make up your community. Once you’re clear on who that person is, and what he’s struggling with, you can attract a community. They may be waiting for you as the catalyst to pull them together.

Step 2: Create

Your next step is to CREATE a community.

Your role is to help your ideal client recognize, “Hey, we’re all struggling with this thing. Yet here’s a way past it. It’s great that we can all work through this together!” You create a space where they can reinforce each other, provide accountability and help each other. And you serve as their guide on the journey to the solution of the thing they’re struggling with.

The key thing here is that you create a tribe. A group of people with one thing in common that they all want. (Or don’t want.) And you are their guide.

Here’s another example…

Let’s say you teach fly fishing…

And maybe your ideal client has never been fishing before. She’s just learning this whole thing from scratch. You must learn what her needs are, and how to best help her. And, you need to it in a way that’s unique. You must stand out if you want to offer a better choice than any other she may have.

By creating a community, you’re enabling the efforts you create to really leverage.

In other words, you’re not just talking to one person at a time. You’ve got a whole group of people who are going to benefit from the solutions that you provide. And, they get value being able relate to each other. They find commonality and solve problems with each other, which takes much of that burden off your shoulders.

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Community is just another word for marketplace

And, when you do that, they’ll be excited because they’ve found a new way through the problem that they have. They’ll be excited to share their excitement with friends and family. In a community, it feels safer to bring others than when it’s on a one-to-one basis.

Any time there’s a community out there … And there are communities even though they may not have been organized yet. That’s what you’ll be doing for them. Any place there’s a community, that’s a market. The first step in the game plan is create community.

Step 3: Converse

Finally, you need to talk more with customers, not less. You stand out when you cultivate conversation.

Ever since we’ve had the technology to separate ourselves from our clients, we’ve put more and more distance between ourselves and our clients. We try to avoid actually talking with them. And your competitors are doing the same.

Yet now, there’s a rebellion. Consumers don’t want to feel like a cog in somebody else’s machine. They want to feel in touch with the person who’s solving their problem.

People buy from PEOPLE they know, like and trust.

One way to stand out and attract your ideal client is to personalize his buying journey. Most businesses today try to have as little customer contact as they can get away with. Go in the opposite direction and do things that don’t scale. Have real conversations with real people. Not only will you get more sales, you’ll attract more of your ideal clients. Especially with more complex products and services, people want to have a real human being to talk to.

Use automation to create conversation.

I’m not throwing all automation under the bus here. It can still play a key role. In fact, some of the bots and other things that are becoming available with AI can cut out a lot of friction in the buying process. Just look at Amazon — They make it so easy, you can’t resist.

Let’s say a prospective client is trying to understand how to buy from you Let’s go back to the fly fishing example. She’s trying to understand what kind of fishing gear to buy. She might not need to talk to a person just to get a few basic questions answered just yet. So perhaps, as she’s viewing items on your website, a bot could start a conversation by asking, “Did you find what you were looking for here?”

She could be talking with a “bot” — and loving it!

If that bot can be “trained” to answer her question just as well as — or better than — a salesperson, she’ll enjoy it. And for some products, that’s the quickest way for her to get what she wants in the moment. It saves having to get on the phone with a person, and may feel less threatening.

She may not want to engage in a conversation quite yet because she feels that a salesperson will try to sell her into something. That is NOT how to get clients…

However, in that scenario, a bot can handle basic questions, that then lead to a conversation with a real person — when the time is right. This helps both you and your prospective client. It eliminates a hands-on time for you… And helps her get the basic questions answered in a non-threatening way.

Let automation lead to conversation.

Let automation take your customers to the point where when they’re ready to have a conversation with you. With bots, AI and new apps springing up every day, it’s becoming easier all the time. There are a number of ways I’ve found this process to be extremely helpful in my business.

Scheduling automation software, for instance, can save you a tremendous amount of time. And it saves time for people who want to connect with you and get their questions answered. Not only that, because the process is so much easier, the quality of your conversation is enhanced.

So, there you go. There’s your 3-part strategy for how to get clients without wasting a fortune on dumb ads.

Your ads don’t need to be full of hype.

Once you implement this process in your business, your advertising is can be far more cost-effective. It’s more like, “Hey, ideal client, here’s what we’ve got for you. Just thought you might like to know. Come on in and join us!”

You don’t need to get people to do something they’re not that interested in. It’s all very natural.

And, you don’t need to do as much advertising. Just put these three pillars in place and you will get more clients for your business.

Build your business that way, then I think you’ll have a fulfilling — and profitable — business that you can be proud of.

Now that, is how to get clients!

So, what’s working for you?

Please comment below!


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Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Mike Connolly lives in Boulder, Colorado, builds marketing funnels that rock, and loves cycling (almost) all year round.

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