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“However beautiful the strategy, occasionally look at the results.”  ~ Winston Churchill

9:35 AM
November 12, 2013
Just east of the Flatirons

47 Days ’til 2014 kicks off.T Minus 7

 In the days of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space flight, you’d sit in the living room with family and millions of people around the world watching on TV as the announcer counted down, “T minus 47 and counting… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

It was entertainment for most of us, but for the guys in the control room, and the astronauts baby, it was the real deal, do or die time, literally.  All your hard work over the past years and months came down to this moment.

And here we are, end of 2013 in sight, 47 days left – time to check all systems.  How are we doing?

My biggest takeaway from the 2013 Info Summit was a concept that seems stupid simple at first glance, but profoundly powerful when you look into it.

One of the speakers, Perry Marshall introduced a way to put “Pareto’s Principle” – the 80/20 rule –  on steroids for sales and marketing.

80/20 refers to a reliable law of nature – just like gravity – that 80% of any measure occurs in 20% of the population of a given group, and vice versa.  It applies to sales teams, moon craters, traffic on roads and highways, possession of wealth, pairs of shoes owned, and on and on and on…

Forget the “Bell Curve” you learned in high school – fine for ordinary schoolteachers – but absolutely useless in business.  To get stellar results, you focus on the 80/20 rule.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: The steroids injection happens when you take the 20% of the 20%.  And then do it again.

If that didn’t sink in, as it didn’t for me at first, please reread the previous paragraph.

What that means is, for instance, is 50% of revenues is available from just 1% of customers, salespeople or lead sources.  The question is, are you fully capitalizing on this?  

As Marshall says, focus 80% of your time and capital on that 1% and you gain jumbo increases in profitability.

Ignore the 1%, and you risk losing a big chunk of business.

Example: Time spent putting out the trash is worth $10/hour.  Time invested in tweaking your USP can literally be worth $10,000/hour.  

How are you investing your time?  It’s a good question to ask at this time of year as we reflect on the past 10 months and start mapping out 2014.

To your wildest success yet,

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