emails that get a response

How to Write Emails That Get a Response

Are you frustrated with sending out marketing emails that seem to get no more than a yawn from your audience?

If you want better results from your email marketing, perhaps you’ve wondered…

“How do I write emails that get a response (Doggone it!)???”

You may or may not be aware that email marketing has far and away the highest ROI of any marketing channel available today — IF, it’s done right.

But how you do that?

The answer is not so simple, but here’s what I’m finding…

When a new prospects trades their email address for your report or checklist or white paper, etc., what you don’t want to do is do what too many businesses do…

They either go right for the close…

Or, they send out a few emails and then put them on a “drip” list.

Or, more likely, they do nothing.

Total waste.

Might as well run your money through a paper shredder.

Okay, so that’s not you…

What you’re going to do, because you’re in the smart part of the room, is first…

Welcome your new guest warmly.

Make her feel at home.

Show her around.

Let her know there’s real value in your space.

Suggest how to make the best of it.

More specifically, if you want to write emails that get a response, here are three things to include in your “Warm Welcome” (aka “Indoctrination Series”) emails:

Whitelist Instructions

Did you know that when one person doesn’t get your email because it bounced, that hurts the chances all the rest of your list will get your emails? That’s just one of a half dozen reasons to make sure that when someone subscribes to your list, they’re actually receiving what you’re sending. So show them exactly how to whitelist your email address. Send ‘em to a page on your website. You can copy if you like.

A Surprise

The one factor that will get more emails opened and responded to that just about any other is curiosity. And if you are constantly, or at least often surprising your subscribers, they’ll want to see “what you’re up to now”. Of course, it almost goes without saying, make it relevant, fun and engaging.

An Enticing Promise of What’s to Come

Let’s assume you have good things in store for your future clients. No doubt, some of it’s free and some will have a price tag. All will have value exceeding whatever the price, right? So let ‘em know. Obviously, start with free, if that seems appropriate. If you don’t yet have something free to offer, now’s a good time to create it. You, or somebody on your team can whip up content, in the form of a blog post, report, info-graphic, resource list or tip sheet, probably in an afternoon. Once you have enticing, valuable content, be sure to include it in your Warm Welcome Series.

Okay, so that’s just one of a half dozen campaigns you really must have to write emails that get a response.

Stay tuned for more…

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