social networking in business

Social Networking in Business: How to Build Amazing Partnerships

Social networking in business is like a hammer and nails to a carpenter… It’s just part of the toolkit. The fate of your business rests, at least in part, on how skillfully you use it. Yet have you ever been to one of those local networking events where it just seems like death by 1,000…

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selling on facebook with social content

Selling on Facebook? 4 Ways To Cut Ad Cost

If you’re selling on Facebook, there’s ONE thing that will boost your response rates and cut your ad spend: Pave the way with social content. After all, if every dollar invested brought back $1.50, how many dollars would you invest? The secret to selling profitably on Facebook is social content. So, just what is “social…

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Deep Inner Game revealed by Tom Brady

Deep Inner Game Revealed?

So how do you come back from 21-0 as the New England Patriots did in Super Bowl LI? It’s all about the deep inner game… Ask Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and he may credit a single book with his ability to stay “in the game” under that kind of pressure. That book is called The…

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Nancy Chin-Wagner PowerConnectors 170126

Mike Connolly’s 9 Commandments Of Internet Marketing

“THE 9 COMMANDMENTS OF INTERNET MARKETING” How To Turn Your Website Into A 24/7 Selling Machine (Without Paying A King’s Ransom To Your Developer) If your business depends at all on the internet… WHAT HAS YOUR WEBSITE DONE FOR YOU LATELY? Billions of dollars are being made on the internet every year by small businesses…

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unique branding, your unfair advantage

Unique Branding, Your “Unfair Advantage”

If you’d like to harness the power of unique branding for your business… Without spending a fortune on logos, typography, page design, “mood boards” and a bunch of other expensive and unnecessary stuff… Then, unless you have a huge war chest full of cash, or unlimited funds to play with, you must first make a…

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strong brand identity

Strong Brand Identity Starts With Solving A Problem You Have Passion For

What problem do you want to solve? Once you know your “Big WHY”, as we discussed in the previous article, a strong brand identity stems from solving a problem you feel passionate about. To survive and prosper a business must solve a problem and make life better for the people it serves. That’s what gives…

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brand identity... a story of two burgers

Brand Identity, Part 1: Your Big WHY

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” ~ Jeff Bezos, founder of “That may be true…”, you say, “But I’m growing a much smaller business on a tight budget. I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on branding… We’ve got more pressing things to…

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create your future

ONE Thing YOU Can Count On In 2017

Hey, I hope 2016 was an AWESOME year for you! 2017 is already shaping up to be a very interesting year… New president… New challenges in your business, no doubt… And new opportunities. It’s up to you… I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said: “The best way to predict your future is to create…

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website optimization

3 Website Tweaks For “Chill Week”

Last night I was looking through my website and I CRINGED… A couple of my key pages displayed “404” errors when I tried to view them. A 404 error, in case you’re not aware, happens when somebody’s browser finds your server, but the server can’t find the page they were searching for on your website.…

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The Loser’s Credo—10 Surefire Ways To Fail At Anything In Life And Business

If at first you don’t succeed… Ditch the damn thing. Cry, cry again. Tie your shoes next time… Before you start the race. Blame anybody but yourself. Paint your hair red and jump up and down five times. Take a break, then take the afternoon off. Get mad—It’ll give you a boost Take 2 aspirin…

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