A Clear Marketing Message Keeps Your Costs Low

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured out to Scottsdale, AZ for Infusionsoft’s annual Certified Partner conference… I learned a LOT there about marketing best practices that are working today. But there’s one thing I especially wanted to bring home to you… And it punches up the need to make sure your message-to-market comes across…

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How to Write Better Ad Copy

Here’s a little secret for how to write better ad copy… When you’re writing ad copy, are you ever tempted to wander down every little trail? Or throw in every idea you can think of to make your point? If so, you may be losing your readers — and business — with “idea clutter”. The…

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how to use social media for your business - woman juggling social media icons

How to Use Social Media For Your Business

Ever feel baffled about how to use social media for your business? I have three questions for you to consider. Answer them and you’ll be better able to harness the power of social media for your business. And that applies to lead generation, conversion and engagement. 1. Are competitors eating your lunch on social media?…

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emails that get a response

How to Write Emails That Get a Response

Are you frustrated with sending out marketing emails that seem to get no more than a yawn from your audience? If you want better results from your email marketing, perhaps you’ve wondered… “How do I write emails that get a response (Doggone it!)???” You may or may not be aware that email marketing has far…

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The Truth About Headlines: How To Know If It Sells Or Not (Copywriting Tip #001)

The copywriting tip you are about to read could be one of the most impactful marketing ideas you will ever consider. Why? Well, it’s about headlines (aka email subject lines, video openers, special report, article, advertorial, blog post titles, etc.) That’s where you get most of the leverage in your marketing… Ergo your business, ergo your…

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How To Get More High Value Clicks With Less Ad Spend

The key to getting more online sales without increasing ad cost is a technique called “Conversion Rate Optimization”. This video critique of a landing page contains several ideas you can start using today: “Conversion Rate Optimization” basically means getting more and better clicks at each point in your marketing funnel. Want to cut your ad…

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David Ogilvy On Direct Response : “We Sell Or Else”

David Ogilvy wished he could be here with us now… Fortunately for us, we can benefit from his thinking and example as a great direct response marketer: “Direct response was my first love and later it became my secret weapon…. When I started Ogilvy & Mather in New York, nobody had heard of us. But…

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increase search engine ranking - seo

This Little-Known 10-Minute Hack Will Increase Search Engine Ranking

A little-known hack to increase search engine ranking at near ZERO cost is to do quick makeover on an already successful post. It gives an old blog post new life, getting you new traffic and clicks in the process. So, to begin, you’ll need a blog… And a post, preferably one that’s been around 30 days…

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7 sales page secrets

7 Simple Yet Powerful Sales Page Tips To Boost Sales

Sales Page conversion rates can make or break your digital marketing campaign. What if you could bump your rate from just one to two percent? That’s a 100% increase in sales. And all of a sudden, your ROI could go from negative to positive, making it worthwhile to scale up your campaign. In the following…

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Social Media Content: 7 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Skimp

Social media content can make or break your online presence. And if you’re not cashing in on the bonanza of traffic on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s not too late to get a jump on your competitors. So how can you do this? And what are the main benefits of using high quality…

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