small business plan

A Small Business Plan That Can Make A Big Difference

In the middle of thumbing through my Facebook news feed yesterday, a post came up that jolted me into a sort of separate reality. And, as you’ll see in a moment, radically changed my own “small business plan”… I was looking at a picture of a great friend and former business partner who I’d assumed…

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Increase Conversion Rates Using Titles, Subtitles And Subject Lines

One simple way to increase conversion rates is by using titles, subtitles and subject lines to get your ideas across clearly. In this interview, we talk about how to use these simple elements in your content to improve conversions at various points in your marketing funnel. Infusionsoft Unleashed Interview with Lisa Catto and Daryl Hine.…

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Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast With Effective Time Management Skills

Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Business Fast With 8020 Focus

If you want to grow your business fast, do what these guys do. Watch successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and John Paul DeJoria – What are they doing with their time? And perhaps more importantly for us as budding entrepreneurs, what are they not doing? They do not fly airplanes, write software or…

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Lead Magnets in Minutes

How To Generate Leads Quickly With Great Lead Magnet Ideas Lead Magnets help you capture leads to build a great customer list that makes it easy to grow sales. This video training shows you how to generate leads with ultra specific lead magnets to attract ideal prospects for your business. Here are just a few…

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digital marketing strategy

Simple 3-Step Digital Marketing Strategy Gets Results

A good digital marketing strategy can help you grow sales literally while you sleep. Here’s a simple 3-step digital marketing strategy you can put to work today to start generating fresh leads and customers for your business 24/7, whether your business is online or not. 1. Run a keyword search to find out what’s hot…

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effective time management skills

12 Time Management Skills for Effective Entrepreneurs, Top Producers and Peak Performers

I hate waste – especially when it comes to my own time. Relate? Winning in business is all about leveraging your time. So, without further ado, let me introduce to my “12 Time Management Skills for Effective Entrepreneurs, Top Producers and Peak Performers”… Turn it off Email, social media, texting, phone calls, television, radio, podcasts……

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Customer Journey – Case Study #1

Secret “Customer Journey” Funnel Revealed     Notice how Fisher Investments draws in targeted LinkedIn visitors and turns them in new customers. In case you’d like see them listed, here are the steps: 1. LinkedIn Ad 2. Blog Post – With star ratings, comment box 3. Opt-In Box This is something you can test. If…

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online marketing and blue ocean strategy

Is Your Online Marketing Strategy Leading You to a “Blue Ocean”?

If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes. The typical marketer fears walking on eggs, plays it safe, avoids criticism… He goes from one cookie-cutter online marketing strategy to the next… staying in business only because every so often he gets his random, fractional share of the market…. Yet, what happens when you’re…

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Mike Connolly, Direct Response Copywriter And Marketing Strategist

Professional Copywriting Services – The MSNBC Interview

Here’s the script I’ve prepared for my interview with MSNBC at ICON15 tomorrow. It’s a live interview without a teleprompter, so it will more or less go like this: Hi, I’m Mike Connolly, founder of What we do is help small businesses reduce the number of lost sales due to copy in their websites,…

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marketing content with personality

Marketing Content with Personality: The Secret to Crushing Your Competition

Stories connect us as human beings. Human beings make buying decisions. Not companies, not computers… People sign checks and authorize credit card purchases. In today’s hypercompetitive world, buying decisions get made based on attention, mind share, positioning in your market… And to get the nod you need to be not only visible, you need to…

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