Branding Strategy 101: Create Real Value For Your Community

Branding strategy isn’t just about pretty colors and a cute tagline… Here’s one entrepreneur who gets that it’s about creating real value:

Creating real value for your community is the ultimate branding strategy.

Tiny L.A.-based startup Ring offer home security products. The started with a simple video doorbell, then video floodlights, outdoor stickup cams and now in-home security features.

And they were just acquired by Amazon.

So how did they beat out their competitor Nest, founded and funded by Google? And what lessons can you apply to growing your business?

Was it just Shaq’s endorsements… Or something else entirely?

First, you have to know the founder.

Jamie Siminoff has a real sense of purpose that goes beyond cashing out to Amazon.

His vision was to reduce crime in middle class neighborhoods.

The idea caught on, the technology grew to match his vision, crime was reduced, and Ring became not just a company, but a movement.

branding strategy goes viral

There are at least 3 branding strategy takeaways in their story:

1. Brand is so much more than pretty colors and a zippy logo.

The ultimate branding strategy is to deliver amazing value to your customers. Visionary business leaders like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Jack Ma are driven for something bigger than profits. They see a “gap” in the world and they picture something better. Often radically better.

2. Community-wide benefit drives viral adoption.

When you give your community something that benefits everyone, individuals want to share. Result: It goes viral. You don’t need to push, because people are pulling… Marketing comes naturally, and doesn’t feel imposed from the outside. Ring customers wanted to share with their neighbors because together, they could all achieve the desired result: Less crime in the ‘hood.

3. Long-term vision beats short-term profits.

At one point in his company’s growth, Jamie was pressured to raise prices. He said no. Emphatically. His idea was to create something everyone in the middle class neighborhoods he wanted to serve could afford. He wanted to deliver phenomenal value. And in the long run, that drove huge growth, as people recognized that value.

Bottom line: Branding strategy isn’t so much about the pretty wrapper… It’s about the DNA of your company.

What values drive your vision?

Can you shake off conventional thinking and innovate?

The answer may well determine your future.

Not to mention the hundreds, thousands or even millions of people whose lives you could make just a little bit better in some way.

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