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Get a Big Sales Boost With These 3 Magic Words

Ready for a big sales boost?

No long-winded marketing message needed. Just add one simple, but powerful phrase and watch your sales soar.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated about results you’re getting from a Facebook ad, sales page or email campaign, you’re not alone.

In fact, over the just the past 7 days, I’ve spoken with three different entrepreneurs…

All beating their brains out, trying to get better conversion rates.

And they were ALL facing the same problem — and overlooking the same simple factor!

Fortunately, there’s an incredibly simple “cure” for this all-too-common marketing mistake.

Just add these 3 “magic” words

To place credit where it’s due — I’ve got to thank Nicholas Kusmich as well as the folks at Digital Marketer in a recent podcast with him for pointing this out.

One of the most common copy mistakes we make as marketers is talking up the features of our product or service.

We love what we’re offering our customers, so naturally we get excited about it!

As a result, all we talk about are the features of our product or service. We forget the benefits.

(I know, Marketing 101, right?)

We say, “Our thingy does X! It can Y faster than all the other thingies on the market! It’s the only thingy with quadruple Z nodes!”

Problem is, all our prospect hears is bluster.

She just wants to know, “Okay, so what’s in it for ME???”

Look it’s GOOD to talk up your product or service features…

But if you really want a big sales boost, try adding this one simple phrase (or you can paraphrase it) each time you extol some wonderful feature of your fabulous thingy:

“So you can…”

And then explain the transformation your prospect will experience as a result of that particular feature.

If you’re selling ketogenic gluten-free vegan organic almond butter, talk about how she’ll feel lighter and more energetic…

“…so you can enjoy delicious eating and feel great to boot!”

If you’re selling legal counsel for a personal injury, talk about the sense of justice, not to mention the remuneration he could receive…

“…so you can get fair treatment and respect you deserve…
And the income to compensate you for all your pain and trouble!”

If you’re soliciting donations for a charity, talk about how great your donor prospects will feel helping solve a big problem in the world.

…so you can really feel like you’re making an important difference for generations to come!”

Get the idea?

It really is that simple

So many marketers miss out on this one transformative message that could easily give their organizations an amazingly big sales boost.

If you don’t believe me, just try it!

It’s so easy to miss. So easy to be blinded by our own enthusiasm.

But now you know!

Just try stating a benefit in addition to, or even instead of a feature in all your marketing messages, and watch your sales soar!

And with that, we’ll close — no long-winded message needed! 🙂

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Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Mike Connolly lives in Boulder, Colorado, builds marketing funnels that rock, and loves cycling (almost) all year round.

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